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Adobe Systems asked how many users use Creative Suite.

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Answer # 1 #

I have been purchasing Adobe products since the early 2000s, but stopped buying after the Master suite.I stopped buying adobe for my entire art team as an Art Director.The CC rental monetization model is an insult to the industry professionals who have supported Adobe over the years.

Terilyn Morgulis
Call Boy
Answer # 2 #

Think about how your existing mass users will react to much it will affect their pocket.

Lucrecia Sahl
Demographic Marketer
Answer # 3 #

Adobe doesn't reply to that question.In the professional video/film, photography and arts communities, it's a majority.Some subscribers may or may not use it completely, but the percentage of subscribers is significant.

Bunny mrvyak
Answer # 4 #

CC can't open anything it's used to be download or from DVD.The older version of adobe software is known as CS.I believe that CC is only for monthly or yearly lease, while CS is only for yearly lease.

Mahakala tfooth

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