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What would you say about the product Bitdefender - 1 Computer,1 Year - Antivirus Plus | Windows | Latest Version | Email Delivery in 2 Hours- No CD | [Review]?

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Answer # 1 #

Purchased Price: Rs 128 INR from Amazon India


According to editorial reviews, Bitdefender is the best security in the market today.It's cheap to have a product activation code.There are 128.The same is offered at the Bitdefender website.It is 350.I received an email with the activation code for my purchase from Amazon.It's like a dream.The seller supports the customer.They want to know if there are any issues with activation.Thank you, I said no, fine.The experience was good.Amazon, thanks for that.

Rajat Balan
Answer # 2 #

Purchased Price: Rs 105 INR from Amazon India


My computer slowed down a lot because of it.The same thing happened when I installed 2 keys on 2 different computers.Things are back to normal when you uninstall.You have been warned that your experience may be different.

Vara Zimmerman
Answer # 3 #

Purchased Price: Rs 97 INR from Amazon India


The product was recieved in time and activation was soo simple and installation too i got it working in 5mins but the problem is the bdclient takes like 600mb ram even at idle I have 8gb ram its not a great performance issue but when playing some games and multi tasking it greatly affects the performance and latency of the game so if u own like 4gb ram i wouldn't recommend it otherwise its good switched to kaspersky and ditched the current key coz kaspersky is more secure and light

Nimesh Chattopadhyay
Answer # 4 #

Purchased Price: Rs 104 INR from Amazon India


Please don't buy this anti virus as this has a worst installation procedure.Still i am unable to fix it properly on the top it doesn't have a fire wall system.If you want real safety and don't mind to spend extra try Norton.It's total disaster it says i need to reboot every time.Amazon seriously need to stop selling like this.And the vendor is not good.Tech support don't know whether it's there.The person is cheating.

Madras Malone

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