Diablo 2 what is qlvl?


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Question: Diablo 2 what is qlvl?

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1) qlvl means how high lvl moster must be to be able to drop the item, for example lvl 55+ monsters can drop qlvl 55 item or lower. While I was farming, I came across something that said Diablo can't drop Griffons eye. Which qlvl is used for Unique-Item-Chance calculation, 25 (monster level) or 36 ( TC level)?; Can the dropped Item become unique, or is it not. So I read the guides and watched some videos on tc level ilvl qlvl and. If the ilvl is smaller than 99 – int(qlvl/2) then the affix level is ilvl – int(qlvl/2).


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Vadodara, India

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