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Do you know best deer hunting in Nevada?

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The Board acknowledges that it has given permits. The delegate of the Environment of the Junta de Andaluca in Granada is Gerardo Snchez. The deer reproduces quickly and damages crops.

We encouraged hunters to regulate the population even if there were no hunting grounds greater.

The case is exceptional. It is allowed to hunt females if there is excess animals.

479 deer have been hunted in the Sierra de Baza natural park. Snchez says he wishes they had killed more.

But how many deer are there? A study done in 2000 by the University of Granada found that the deer population in the area was over 1,700.

The park supports more than 8,000 deer, according to hunters. The ideal number is not more than 1,000 copies, according to the Board.

The Board plays with numbers and the Ministry of the Environment assures that there are 1200 deer left over. If that is the case, the majority of the population is left over.

Snchez thinks that one can realize that there are many deer by going through there. If you know the park a bit, it is easy to see them.

There are more than hunters say. The Board has ordered a new recount. According to Snchez, the new permits will be granted based on the figures from the new study. The hunters ordered theirs.

There are deer that are killed every week.

The Environment is not worried. Snchez acknowledges that there have been people who have thrown at everything without noticing and that is open to criticism. There have been killings, the hunting federation says.

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