Do you think it's safe to buy YouTube Views?

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Answer #1#
Independence, United States

The answer will always be "nope", as many came to me with the question.Here is the reason.It would be bad for your channel if your channel was banned because you can detect growth on YouTube.You won't get engaged subscribers.The main goal is not to get a lot of subscribers.It would hurt your views and watch time.

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Answer #2#
Srinagar, India

It depends where you buy them.We only work with SHOPATIA if they add real views that pose no risk to your account.They're fast and reliable.You can find them by going to their section on the internet.

It's a good idea to add YouTube views!

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Answer #3#
Lewisville, United States

Yes it is safe.You need to find out where you are buying them.

You need to know if the views you are giving are from a human being.

Unique human beings such as the views which are provided.

There is a show on

Many others give bot views that bring you no profit.

The views sold on fiverr do not count.

If you want to see a real human in your videos.

The best provider out there is

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Answer #4#
Gill Waits
Lafayette, United States

You can use some sites that offer ad sense safe services.I have been using this site for a long time and I recommend it to everyone.

The #1 Marketplace for Social Media Marketing ServicesWe're proud of the quality of our more than 3,000 services, provided by over 800 vetted sellers.
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