Dynamic function with local variables in Python Programming Language?

Asked By: Lekha Dixit

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Answer #1#
Bhopal, India

For this simplified example, I think that what you have works pretty well (aside from being a bit hacky). While the i=i part can be ugly and tricky, it is a relatively well known way to make closures. Add a comment if you're afraid someone won't get it.

However, if you're doing something that's more complex, I'd definitely agree with S. Lott above.

One other possible approach:

def make_property(i, dict):"    def fget(self):"        return i""    dict['f%d' % i] = property(fget)""class Test(object):"    def __metaclass__(name, bases, dict):"        for i in range(5):"            make_property(i, dict)""        return type(name, bases, dict)

Personally, I feel that this makes the whole thing a lot easier to understand as you're separating out each iteration of the loop into its own function.

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