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Gimbal lock?

Asked by: Zlatko Saulnier

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Kannu Dilip (IMPREGNATING MACHINE OPERATOR Lan, Qa, Sap, Therapeutic) From: Lucknow/India

Gimbal lock is the loss of one degree of freedom in a three-dimensional, three-gimbal mechanism that occurs when the axes of two of the three gimbals are driven into a parallel configuration, "locking" the system into rotation in a degenerate two-dimensional space. The word lock is misleading: no gimbal is restrained.


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What can you do with an mba?


Dinesh Data answered

Hot Jobs for MBA Graduates"Marketing manager."Medical and health services manager."Management consultant."Financial manager."Business operations manager.

What is mbar to bar?


Gyan Alter answered

The bar is a metric unit of pressure, but not part of the International System of Units. It is defined as exactly equal to 100,000 Pa, or slightly less than the current average atmospheric pressure on Earth at sea level.

What is percentile in mba?


Sarita Vishvakarma answered

In simple words, CAT percentile is a measure of categorizing a candidate on the basis of other candidates scoring below him/her. For example, if a candidate's has 99 percentile, it means that his/her performance was better than 99 per cennt of the total CAT test takers that year.

What is bms mba?


Kamaal Digpal answered

(BMS-MBA) Five Year Course. University of Mumbai, Thane Sub Campus is offering Five Year Integrated Programme in Management (BMS MBA). The duration of the degree is divided in to five years and each year is divided in to two semesters.

What is deferred mba programs?


Suchita Sen-Gupta answered

The Deferred MBA Programs are almost exactly similar to a normal MBA but with an important difference, these programs grant pre-admission to students for their MBA program, usually 2 years in advance. Hence it is ideal for current students, either in college or who are pursuing full-time Masters programs.

What are the subjects in mba?


Zohra Fakhri answered

MBA Subjects · Marketing · HR management · Business planning · Finance management · Principles of management · Business laws · Communication skills"CAT: XAT"What is the duration of MBA course?"Which MBA course is the best?

What are the mba courses available in tamilnadu?


Nazanin Patekar answered

Some of the popular MBA specialization offered by Tamil Nadu MBA colleges include MBA in Marketing, MBA in Human Resource, MBA in Finance, Executive MBA Program and integrated MBA courses.

What is ppo in mba?


Mishka Oza answered

PPO stands for Pre-Placement Offer while PPI is Pre-Placement Interview. In PPO, the candidate (former intern) is given a job offer by the organisation before the final institute placements or during the placement process. This offer of full-time employment to the former intern is known as Pre-Placement Offer (PPO).

Nba game?


Naresh Kochhar answered

NBA Schedule: Official source of NBA games schedule. Check your team's schedule, game times and opponents for the season."NBA Schedule · NBA TV · NBA League Schedule for... · Lakers

Which mba has highest salary in india?


Sasho Khani answered

Highest Salary Paid for MBA Graduates in India"Name of Institutes Highest Package(LPA)"IMI Delhi INR 20.75"NMIMS Mumbai INR 30.60"IIFT Delhi INR 78"IIM Kozhikode INR 30.60

What is audit course in ycmou mba?


Hakim Vargas answered

MBA COURSE Aims · To help practicing managers to become more effective decision-makers in their fields by updating their knowledge and managerial skills. · 2.

What will be the output of the following javascript code?


Irfan Vikal answered

What will be the output of the following JavaScript code? var a=5 , b=1 var

What mba means?


Ryka Tailor answered

A master of business administration (MBA) is a graduate degree that provides theoretical and practical training for business or investment management. An MBA is designed to help graduates gain a better understanding of general business management functions.

What is a mini mba diploma?


Maanuv Hooda answered

The classes are designed for those who have found themselves in a position of middle management who do not have a background in business. These people will

What the meaning of mba degree?


Randhir Dutt, answered

MBA is the common abbreviation for a Master of Business Administration degree, and recipients typically stop attending school after receiving it. However, those"MBA concentration · Is an MBA Worth It? · 5 Hot Jobs for MBA Graduates

What is the difference between mba and global mba?


Arif Balwadi answered

Just like the name suggests, the orientation of a Global MBA program is just that, global. Unlike a General MBA, which focuses on a given country's business"" ·" Top answer: "Its pretty much in the name , when you start with a general MBA , it gives you insight regarding"Is a global MBA worth it? - Quora"""What is the difference between a global MBA and a"""How is Global MBA better than the general MBA"""What's the difference between an MBA, an

What positions can mbappe play?


Nazneen Bilimoria answered

A display of what positions Kylian Mbappé has played in over the last 50 matches including his average matchrating on the specific position.

What is an executive mba vs mba?


Lethia Bharat answered

An EMBA (Executive Master of Business Administration) is similar to a common MBA, except for the fact that they are designed for experienced

What does mba stand for in college?


Gururaj Boniadi answered

What 'MBA' Stands For. MBA is the common abbreviation for a Master of Business Administration degree, and recipients typically stop attending school after receiving it. However, those who are interested in conducting business research may decide to pursue a doctorate in business or management."Is an MBA Worth It? · MBA concentration · 5 Hot Jobs for MBA Graduates

What exam to write for mba?


Sobhita Ravikumar answered

MBA Entrance Exam Syllabus. CAT Entrance Exam. CAT Full Form: Common Admission Test. XAT Entrance Exam. XAT Full Form: Xavier Aptitude Test. GMAT Entrance Exam. GMAT Full Form: Graduate Management Aptitude Test. CMAT Entrance Exam. MAT Entrance Exam. ATMA Entrance Test. NMAT Entrance Exam. SNAP Entrance Exam.

What is the percentage for mba forex?


Serah Sonik answered

MBA Trading and Capital Investment Limited is a Capital Investment Company with very high ratings. MBA forex investment shows you how to trade smartly.

What is major and minor in mba?


Indrani Hingoo answered

Some great combination I can suggest but its up to you which you will prefer. MAJOR marketing MINOR finance. MAJOR finance MINOR marketing. MAJOR"" ·" : "In my experience, people find it hard even during second year to figure out where to major or"Which is better to choose as major and minor optionals in mba""What major and minor specialisation should I take in my MBA""Is MBA in operation management (major) and finance (minor""What is the best field to do a minor in an MBA that supports

What is one year mba?


Yugo D.K.Prabhakar answered

The one-year MBA is designed for college grad students who want to earn an advanced graduate degree in the shortest time possible.

What is mba in operations and supply chain management?


Amoli Hari answered

Supply chain management versus operations management. This MBA concentration couples supply chain logistics and operations. While some

What is the latest news on mba forex?


Manan Warrior answered

As part of efforts to maintain customer relations, MBA Trading and Capital Investment Limited, a forex training and capital investment company, has reiterated commitment to pay back investors' capital fund after its inability to meet up with the expected investment revenue base due to market volatility among other

What is better mtech or mba?


Neelima Bernert answered

Tech is the relatively low cost of education. While, an MBA costs anywhere from Rs. 10 to 22 lakhs, an M.Tech only costs around Rs. six lakhs to

What are the top mba colleges in india?


Armie Chaudhary answered

Ques. Which are the best management colleges in India? Ans. The IIMs and IITs are the best colleges for pursuing MBA in India. The best IIMs include IIM

What to write in an mba personal statement?


Vic P.N.Sundaram answered

These outstanding MBA personal statements resulted in admissions to write a memorable personal statement, but being memorable is vital.

What are the job opportunities for mba hr?


Shantarin Mardia answered

An MBA in HR graduate can work in the industries, corporate, colleges & schools and MNC's. There are a sufficient number of job in India, and off-course there is a

What is wrong with mba forex?


Roque Irani, answered

What is MBA Trading. MBA Trading and Capital Investment is a Forex training and investment company. It offers training lessons for you to"What is MBA Trading · Is MBA Trading legit? · The MBA Trading scam

What is the acceptance rate for wharton mba?


S.M.Anwar Nigam answered

The school did not disclose either its acceptance rate, which last year hit 23.1% on lower application volume, nor did it report yield–the

What to do after mba in healthcare management?


Haribhai Rajnikanth answered

Do we need Healthcare Management professionals to manage such a huge inflow of After a Bachelor's in Hospital Administration (BHA)/ Healthcare you can do an MBA in Hospital Management / MBA in Healthcare

What is the salary of mba in india?


Mahika Nadig answered

The average salary of MBA Finance in India is Rs. 678,000 per annum. The salary increases with growing experience and knowledge. Source. EY, HDFC BAnk,"What is the salary of an MBA candidate in India?"MBA salary in India based on Indian cities?

What do you learn mba?


Moammar Karnik answered

Invaluable Skills an MBA Degree Helps You Improve · Strategic thinking and analysis · Communication skills · Networking right · Toughing out high-

What is a bridge mba?


Jaclyn Chilkuri answered

Seattle University's Bridge MBA is a one year, full-time, accelerated, cohort program designed specifically for the recent college graduate who has a

What is the best course after mba hr?


Pachhi Shringarpore answered

Ideally, once you have completed an MBA in HR, you should opt for a job. Nothing compares hands-on learning experience. In addition, working in the real"What can I study after an MBA in HR? - Quora"""What course should I do after an MBA in HR? - Quora"""What can I pursue after MBA HR? - Quora"""What can I do after my MBA in HR any professional

What is amazon mba?


Deana Sethna answered

Amazon M.B.A. recruiting at Berkeley peaked in 2017, said Abby Scott, an assistant dean of career management at the Haas school. Since then

What is khamba composting?


Krrish Shakil answered

Layer your kitchen waste with Remix Powder daily for smell free and fool proof composting. • For outdoor use only. For use on a balcony, terrace or garden.

What is better for mba bcom or bba?


Viti Mand answered

Well BCOM has been a very traditional course for commerce whereas BBA is more of a new professional management course. All these new courses are ben

What will be the output of the following python code?


Zeba Solanki answered

What will be the output of the following Python code? a=165 b=sum(list(

What are the job opportunities after mba in australia?


Zuber Mahal answered

From networking events to internship opportunities, business school can help international students find great MBA jobs in Australia. Entering a new country's job market can be tricky, but getting a student visa is often At MBS, David stays in touch with the students he's worked with long after graduation.

What is the difference between mha and mba?


J.K. Varma answered

An MHA and an MBA in health care management program both cover health care management, although the difference lies in the approach

What is a good gmat score for mba?


Aashif Raaje answered


What are mba specializations?


Shashikant Goni answered

The standard specializations are marketing, finance, human resources, IT/IS, operations and entrepreneurship; but these are rapidly being joined by more specific

What are the job opportunities after mba?


Sulabha Minz answered

Job opportunities after MBA in India are wide, and it is the responsibility of the students to pick up the right job from the options available. While considering the job"" ·" : "Hi, Well,MBA, short for - Master of Business Administration, is a highly valued degree designed"How to get some good job opportunities after MBA"""What are the careers after MBA? - Quora"""How are marketing jobs after MBA? - Quora"""What can be the job designations after doing an MBA

What you need to do mba?


Tiya Murino answered

An MBA gives you the skills and knowledge you need to advance in your field. would still pursue a graduate management degree if they had to do it all over

What is mba cc?


C.J. Dharamveer answered

Maximum period of four years of his/her admission to the first semester of 2-Year. MBA (CC) failing which he/she will be deemed to be unfit for the programme.

What is ms and mba?


Joseph Gara answered

Likewise, each degree you earn serves as the base for a prosperous career. A Master of Science or MS" · Uploaded by iSchoolConnect

What degree is a mba?


Abhinay Juggal answered

What is MBA (Masters of Business Administration)? · The full-time MBA is the most popular among all, and includes theory classes, practical projects, and

What is the scope of mba in pharmaceutical management?


Guddu Kumararaja answered

Career Prospects and Job Scope for an MBA in Pharmaceutical Management · Assistant Product Manager · Quality Assurance Auditor · Business


Nipun Seddiqi answered

header('Content-type: application/json');
echo json_encode($array);


Rahul Content answered

The selection procedure for PGT, TGT & Primary Teacher job position at Central Railway Recruitment (November 12, 2021) has two rounds. One written round. Another Interview. Based on the performance in both selection of candidates will be finalised.

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