Have you ever had bad experiences planning a wedding?

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Umberto Maser
Waco, United States

We wanted the wedding to be in the church and where many of our friends were.It was easy to get to for most of our guests in the south of England.People lined up to put up my grandparents because they didn't have to worry about a bed and breakfast.My mother objected, on the grounds that they wouldn’t be able to travel that far it was the same distance to her house, therefore they wouldn’t be able to go, and her father had missed her wedding she’d got married in South Africa, and they could only afford one ticket so I would be making him miss two family weddings.We held it in a church we didn't know was in a town that I hadn't lived in in a while.The photographer was chosen by my dad, who taught him, and he took photos of everyone he knew, not everyone at the wedding.The reception venue was chosen by the mum.

We felt like it was not our wedding.

It was a long time ago, and not a happy marriage.Fourteen months ago, my second wedding, it was great.

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