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How do I maintain good posture while typing on a computer?

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Answer # 1 #

You should get a desk that allows you to stand, and a tall stool to use when standing becomes tiring.Dramatic changes to your bones, muscles and flexibility will be made by that.Sitting can cause Sciatica, a nerve and muscle disease.

waef Pai
Answer # 2 #

I do not know.Purchase the couch.A couch where you can live and be yourself.We have to posture ourselves exhausting.I'd rather take a break.

Mohamed Amir
Answer # 3 #

The key points you need to know for working at a computer are summarized in a video that I have on YouTube.You want your eyes to be level with the top of your monitor, you want your elbow and knees to be relaxed, and you want all external devices within reach of yourself.Let me know what you think after watching the video.

Ramzan Post
Answer # 4 #

Stand on the floor with your feet flat on the floor.

English Alfonso
Radio Personality
Answer # 5 #

Keeping your head upright is one of the things that will keep your spine upright.Being aware of these two things is important for good posture because we tend to slouch more when we sit at a desk.

Amruta Thirumugam

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