How do you store database credentials in typical cms build on php in PHP Server Side Scripting Language?

Asked By: Asmita Mehrotra

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Answer #1#
Meerut, India

You can use a singleton class, as you mentioned, or something simpler.

In all my files I have a standard associative array

$config['Main_Database'] = '';"$config['db_user'] = '';"$config['db_pass'] = '';"$config['db_host'] = '';

The concept is the same and you're on the right track. Make it something that, as a human, makes sense to you. If someone has access to your server your screwed anyway so it's not a big deal in terms of what is more secure.

As for the install file, I've seen many apps open the config file, adjust a few specific parts via the code and then actually re-write the file back to the server (rather than "store a setting"). It achieves the same result but done through a wizard as opposed to manually.

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