How to achieve “require_global” in PHP Server Side Scripting Language?

Asked By: Vajrin Rai

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Answer #1#
Jabalpur, India

You can add local variables defined within dosomethingFunction() to global scope:

class wrapController extends baseController {"    function dosomethingFunction() {"        require 'old_dosomething.function.php';"        //begin added code  "        $vararr = get_defined_vars();"        foreach($vararr as $varName => $varValue) "              $GLOBALS[$varName] = $varValue;            "        //end added code          "        $this->view('old_dosomething_view');"    }"}

Note, that for this to work as expected, you should call require before using any other thing in the function. get_defined_vars() returns only variables from the current scope, so no array_diff hacks are needed.

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