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How to beat chaas qeta shrine?

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Answer # 1 #

You cannot find the Chaas Qeta Shrine in Zelda BOTW on the mainland. Instead, it is on an island called Tenoko Island. You will find it in the Necluda Sea on the southeastern side of the map.

To get there, go to Hateno Bay on the coast of the Necluda Sea. There is a sailing raft on the harbor. Get a Korok leaf from a nearby Korok tree on the coast and use it to blow wind to sail the raft. Embark on the raft and move the raft with the Korok leaf towards Tenoko Island.

Enter the Chaas Qeta Shrine in Zelda BOTW to start the trial “A Major Test of Strength.” Here you will be fighting a Guardian Scout IV. This one has 3 arms. One is equipped with a sword, one is equipped with an axe, and its third arm is equipped with a spear. Fighting the Guardian Scout IV is hard and takes time, as he has 3000 HP.

In the initial phase, the Guardian will mostly shoot laser pulses and spin all three arms at you. Try to keep some distance to dodge this attack. When he spins, hide behind a pillar. When he strikes the pillar, he will get dizzy. This will be the best time to strike him. Attack him with your best weapons in this short time.

Also, Guardian will pull his weapons one by one to attack you. When he pulls his arm, attack him immediately to counter.

Also, remember that Guardian Scout IV in Zelda BOTW is quite fast at poking and movement. So, often run around him to dodge his attacks.

When half of its health is depleted, it might anchor to the floor and spin a laser at you. Avoid this attack by hiding behind a pillar because if you are caught in it, you can’t escape and will die.

Another effective method to defeat the Guardian Scout IV in Zelda BOTW is to shoot him with Ice Arrows whenever he is about to attack, especially when he is about to spin its laser. This will prevent Guardian from attacking for a while and will freeze him.

When Guardian freezes, attack him with fire arrows to deal good damage. The Guardian will shoot powerful laser pulses when his health is almost over. One hit from that can eventually kill you.

Avoid that by shooting ice arrows at him and counter by shooting fire arrows. You will receive the following items when you kill the Chass Qeta Shrine Guardian Scout IV in Zelda BOTW:

Shivendra Rege
Answer # 2 #

This is a Major Test of Strength shrine, meaning the Guardian Scout has a TON of health. It will take a long time to defeat this enemy and you will need strong weapons. If you are not yet comfortable with regularly performing Perfect Dodge Flurry Attacks, than you are not quite prepared for this battle.

The Guardian Scout has three swords and he’ll attack with each of them. Each one of them has its own distinct attack. The small sword as well as the spear will be a direct attack and if you side step, you can perform a flurry attack. The much larger sword will be two consecutive horizontal slashes. If you perform a perfect backflip, you can do a flurry attack.

The guardian will occasionally jump back and do a massive spin attack towards you. You can run behind a pillar and if he hits a pillar, it will stun him momentarily. Alternatively, you can perform a perfect dodge backflip and do a flurry attack, but this one is a bit more dangerous.

Later in the battle, the scout will begin to shoot a laser in a circle, slowly extending the reach of the circle. It’s probably best to just keep your distance. However, you can leap up into the air and use the paraglider. The circular motion has created an updraft, so you can glide up. Once you are close, you can deliver an arrow attack right at its eye, stunning it in the process.

Its other attack consist of four consecutive laser strikes. It takes a long time to charge, but as long as you keep moving in the same direction, none of the lasers will hit you. Stay close and after the fourth attack, run in and deliver a few sword slashes.

Rob Shere
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