How to chhello show gujarati movie download in hindi filmyzilla?

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Honolulu, United States

Chhello Show is 2021 Gujarati coming-of-age drama film directed by Pan Nalin. It stars Bhavin Rabari, Bhavesh Shrimali, Richa Meena, Dipen Raval and Paresh Mehta. The film premiered at the 20th Tribeca Film Festival on 10 June 2021. This film was selected as the Indian entry for Best International Feature Film at 95th Academy Awards.

The film is semi-autobiographical as Nalin was born and brought up in Adtala village in Saurashtra.Six village boys from local communities of the region were cast. The film was shot in villages and railway station in Saurashtra. He also brought old celluloid Hindi films and a technician to run projectors.[2] The cast is mostly made of child actors. Dilip Shankar, Nalin's friend and casting director, assisted Nalin in casting the child actors. The film was shot in March 2020, just before the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown in India. The post-production was completed during the pandemic. The film is produced by Dheer Momaya's Jugaad Motion Picture, Nalin's Monsoon Films and Marc Duale's Stranger88 in co-production with Virginie Lacombe's Virginie Films and Eric Dupont's Incognito films.The film focuses on hope and innocence. It also highlight ending culture of single-screen cinema and 35mm celluloid films in India.

The Film Federation of India has chosen Pan Nalin’s semi-autobiographical Gujarati drama  Chhello Show ( Last Film Show) as India’s official entry for the 95 th Academy Awards in the Best International Feature Film Category. The announcement was made by FFI Secretary General Suparn Sen on Tuesday after deliberations by the jury, headed by seasoned Kannada director T.S. Nagabharana. A reminder of childhood innocence, the coming-of-age story of a young boy living in a village in Saurashtra celebrates the magic of the movies.  Starring Bhavin Rabari, Vikas Bata, Richa Meena, Bhavesh Shrimali, Dipen Raval, and Rahul Koli, the story is set against the backdrop of cinemas in India witnessing a massive transition from celluloid to digital, where hundreds of single-screen cinemas stand dilapidated or have disappeared altogether.

Chhello Show had its world premiere as the opening film at the Tribeca Film Festival and has won multiple awards across various international film festivals, including the Golden Spike at the 66th Valladolid Film Festival in Spain, where it also enjoyed commercial success during its theatrical run. Thanking the FFI and the jury, Nalin, known for directing visually striking films such as  Samsara, Valley of Flowers and   Angry Indian Goddesses, said, ”I could have never imagined such a day would come and bring light and celebration of light.  Chhello Show has been enjoying love from around the world but there was an ache in my heart how do I make India discover it? Now I can breathe again and believe in cinema that entertains, inspires, and enlightens!”

Cast Credit

Directed by Pan Nalin

Written by Pan Nalin

Produced by Pan Nalin, Dheer Momaya, Marc Duale

Starring Bhavin Rabari,Bhavesh Shrimali,Richa Meena,Dipen Raval,Paresh Mehta

Cinematography Swapnil S. Sonawane

Edited by Shreyas Beltangdy, Pavan Bhat

Music by Cyril Morin

Distributed by Roy Kapur Films

Running time 110 minutes

Language Gujarati

‘Chhello Show’ aka ‘The Last Film Show’ Hindi OTT platform and release date: Ever since the Gujarat film ‘Chhello Show’ aka ‘The Last Film Show’ has been declared as India's entry for Oscars 2023, the movie buffs from the Hindi belt have been scratching their heads and looking for information about the film's Hindi release.

The film is yet to be released in theatres while it had its world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2021.‘Chhello Show’ aka ‘The Last Film Show’ is India’s official entry at Oscars 2023 and it won the Golden Spike at the 66th Valladolid International Film Festival in October 2021.

While the Gujarati film is set to be released in theatres on October 14, 2022, in English, the people from the Hindi belt want to know where can they catch the film.The film has defeated the likes of SS Rajamouli's 'RRR' and Vivek Agnihotri's 'The Kashmir Files' to emerge as India's official entry at the 95th Academy awards. But where to watch 'Chhello Show' aka 'The Last Film Show' in Hindi?As of now, there has been no answer to this question and hence you'll have to wait for the film's theatrical release, which is on October 14, 2022.

So, what about the ‘Chhello Show’ aka ‘The Last Film Show’ movie's Hindi OTT platform and release date? The answer has already been mentioned above. Nothing can be said before the film's theatrical release.


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