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How to connect bluetooth in dzire 2021?

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There is a screen.

Digital technology The type is Capacitive TFT.

The size is 6.75′′ The resolution is 800 x 480

There is a Touchscreen There is a brightness adjustment. Screen off:

24 / 12 hours clock display. There is a date display.

There are options for wallpaper. System languages are Spanish, English, and Portuguese.

There is a connection withANDROID AUTO.

You can learn more about the type at:

There is a connection with Apple carplay.

You can learn more at:

The media playback is on.

The response is 20 to 20,000. There is a portable device that is compliant with the new version of the universal serial bus.

The iPod and iPhone can be controlled via theusb port. There are different formats for theusb

There is a media player.

There are supported video formats.

There are supported photo formats. Audio formats on the computer: mp3 The ID3-tag is displayed in the title display. navigation through mp3 folders without interruption By track number, the mp3 file search is performed.

Random, per folder. All, per folder, per track. The progression bar shows Fast forward / backward. The device has up to 10,000 files. The bit rate for mp3 is 32 kBit/s.

The bit rate for WMA is 32 kBit/s. The bit rate is variable.

Bluetooth is a place.

It is supported by the version: 4.2.

The profiles supported are: HFP, A2DP, A2DP. Audio transmission 5 devices were used in the Pairing. The code is 0000. The system has a microphone and a speakerphone.

The microphone is built-in and not included. Button functions: hang up or reject call. The telephone catalogue has up to 1,000 contacts per phone.

The call history list includes missed calls and received calls.

The EQUALIZER is a type of animal.

The number of bands is 8.

The model is parametric The type is analogue.

Variable Bass Gain is 15 steps. Loudness (reinforcement): Rock, Pop, Classic, Jazz, Techno, Flat, and User are all included.

The balance is calculated by taking 20 steps. The volume is source specific.

The enhancer.

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