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how to drink campari?

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Anne Bollwahn is a credit.

The Campari is an alcoholic aperitif that has several alcoholic graduations depending on the country in which it is sold. Campari is a drink that has existed for more than 150 years and was invented in Italy in 1860.

The Campari Group, which is responsible for production, has a secret recipe that is kept from the world.

Whether it is true or not, it is not up to us mere cachaceiros to infer something, or the fact is that the drink is a mixture of more than 60 ingredients, being herbs and fruits infused in alcohol and water, or that it forces us to give a olhar special ao Campari.

As an appreciator of Campari, I am obliged to quote and pass on the composition of some of the drinks.

Mark is the author of the credits

The Count of Florence, Italy, was an ardent patron of the Casone, where he would always sit and order the same drink, a mixture of Campari and vermouth. He asked the bartender to give him a stronger drink to end his depression, because he was depressed.

The bartender added a little gin, ice cream, and a lemon wedge to the costume cocktail to make it taste better. The count passed to drink dali em diante. The name of the noble drinker was raised when other patrons of the bar logo tried out the drink.

Place ice stones in a low flake. The drinks should be mixed well. Lemon peel or orange fatia is a good choice. The secret is to use a very dry Gin.

The credits are by Sergio Limongelli.

Place sugar in the freezer and grind on the edge of the old fashioned flake. You can place the esmigalhado ice cream in the kitchen pan.

If you want to give a nice effect, place the Campari after the ice and then place the soda in a slow, non-drinking manner so that the liquids mix a little and keep that color.

Erin Keswani