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How to eat apple jam?

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Spoon some jam into a bowl. Top with plain yogurt. Call it fruit-on-the-bottom.

Top that wheel of cheese with a few spoonfuls of jam, wrap the whole thing in phyllo or puff pastry, and bake at 400 degrees.

It not only helps thicken it, it adds sweetness and flavor. Try currant jam with red wine for a pan sauce for steak; use peach jam and brandy for pork chops.

Literally any cocktail. Think peach with whiskey, raspberry with vodka, and orange marmalade with gin.

Pudding, panna cotta, you name it: it's better with a bit of jam.

First, make a jam sandwich with white sandwich bread, challah, or brioche. Next, soak the sandwich in eggs and milk. Finally, pan-fry in lots and lots of butter.

Jam + melted cheese + golden, toasted bread. (It's the jam that makes it ultimate.)

Who needs fresh strawberries when you can fill shortcakes with jam (and whipped cream, of course) instead?

Turn jam into syrup instantly by boiling it with water. (Sayonara, maple syrup!)

Take softened vanilla ice cream. Fold some, say, marmalade into. SHAZAM! You just made marmalade ice cream.

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