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How to elongate legs with clothes?

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Answer # 1 #

I am 5’2” and I have a petite clothing line for women 5’4″ and under.   I think most petite women would agree with me that is very important for shorter ladies to have our legs appear longer!

Even if you are not petite, most women still want to know what kind of pants make legs look longer and therefore make you look taller and leaner! That is what has prompted me to put together this list today so that you know what to look for.

Based on my own experience, as well as feedback from thousands of my petite customers, I’ve put together this detailed guide to help you!

If you have read my other styling advice or watched me on YouTube, you’ll know I’m all for high waisted style! High waist design is the easiest way to elongate your legs, and it should be your wardrobe staple for any women looking for pants to make legs appear longer.

The reason behind this is that high-waisted pants sit higher than your natural waist, so that tricks the eye into believing your legs are longer than they actually are.

That explains why high waisted pants is the favorite pant style of almost every petite actresses from 5’3″ Victoria Beckham to 5′ Kourtney Kardashian.

My personal wardrobe reflects my belief- I own numerous high waisted pants, jeans and skirts. They are my go-to when it comes to the bottoms.

Another reason why high waisted pants are so flattering is also because they can smooth out your mid section pretty nicely.  If you are concerned about a heavier mid riff and want to know how to hide your belly, then high waisted pants should be your number one choice.

Now, as much as I love high waisted style, here comes one caveat.

If you already have a short torso, then you need to be careful with it. Some petite ladies are under 5’4″ but they have a long leg ratio, which means their legs are relatively long and their torso is short. In that case, if you wear high waisted pants, most likely it will make your torso look even shorter. So, for a more balanced look, you probably want to go with a mid waisted pants instead.

The flare leg is a heaven sent for ladies looking for pants to make your legs look longer! They are tight on your thigh and flares out under your knees.  This kind of design extends your legs and make you look taller.

Every time I put on a pair of flared leg pants or jeans, I just notice that my legs instantly look longer! If I wear black color flare leg pants, they also make my legs look leaner. It works like magic.

Not all flare leg pants are created equally. Some pants have more exaggerated flare than others. If you are petite, make sure you go with a modest flare leg.  If the pants legs are too dramatic, it creates too much volume, and that is the opposite of flattering for petite ladies.

The best way to wear flare legs pants to elongate your legs is to pair them with heels.You want to make sure your flared pants are long enough to cover part of your heels so that your shoes look like an extension of your legs. I will elaborate on this point next.

The best pants to make your legs appear longer are those with full length, ie long hem.  There’s two reasons behind that.

First, full-length pants form an unbroken vertical line. The longer the pants are, the longer the vertical line thus making your legs look longer.

Second, when you wear full length pants,,especially if they have flare leg (combining the previous point I made), they can wear high heels and they will be covered by the pants.  People will only notice your legs look longer, and won’t be able to tell the additional length comes from your heels!

So, whatever leg shape your pants have, whether they are straight leg, flare leg or even skinny leg, the best are those at full length in order to make our legs appear longer.

In comparison, pants with shorter inseam do not work as well to elongate your legs.  If you are wearing ankle length pants, then your legs look as long as the hem of your pants. I am not saying ankle pants is a bad design, but it just doesn’t do what full length pants do to extend our legs.

If you are are looking for the most leg elongating pants, you should especially stay away from ankle length wide leg pants.  The reason is not only the ankle length makes your legs look cut off, but also the wide legs really accentuate that horizontal line at ankle, making things twice as bad!

Jeggings are quite on trend in recent years. Although they could be made of denim, they don’t have to. One thing the jeggings have in common is they are normally made of stretchy fabrics so they hug your legs nicely. Typically jeggings also have pull-on style, which makes them very comfortable both at home and when you go out.

The reason I highly recommend jeggings, especially the black color, is that they are the best bottom to pair with boots in the winter. Jeggings plus high heel boots is every short girl’s best friend in the winter time!

Pants and shoes work together and form our bottom half.So, if you wear the right shoes, then you can easily double the effect of elongating your legs.This applies not just to jeggings or jeans. If you wear black pants, wear them with black shoes.The way it will look like your heels are an extension of your legs- your legs will effortlessly look longer!

Over the knee (OTK) boots are one of the best ways to elongate our legs, if you are petite like me!

Even though it sounds intimidating to a lot of short women, OTK boots can be highly flattering. The reason is, they form an unbroken vertical line for your legs. Nothing is more leg lengthening if you wear the right OTK boots!

Not only can they make us look taller, but also I have found them easier to shop for. What makes it very difficult for petite women like us to look for tall boots is the shaft height. Since most brands are made for women over 5’5″ and above, they are most likely too long for our short legs. That is why I always struggle to find knee high boots that won’t be too long for me. The problem is solved, when you go for OTK boots, because, well, they are meant to be over the knee! From my own experience, it is much easier to find OTK boots that fit me than to find knee high boots that fit my legs.

If you wear dresses or skirts a lot in the fall and winter like me, then OTK boots are must have.

Skin color shoes is one of the best ways to make you legs look longer! Almost all my spring and summer shoes are nude colors, because I have found them have the incredible leg elongating effect on shorter girls like us.

When you wear skin color shoes, they make your feet and your shoes look like an extension of your legs.That is exactly why they are our best friend!

This is especially the case in the spring and summer, when you wear dresses or skirts a lot. But, of course you can wear nude shoes year round, even when you wear jeans or pants in the fall and winter.

Another trick to make your legs appear longer, is to wear pointy toe! If you have not tried them already, I highly recommend you have at least one pair of pointy toe shoes in your closet.

It may sound like the toe shape of your shoes is minor, after all, we are talking about just about 1 inch difference. However, do not understand the importance of this 1 inch! I have found the right toe shape, like pointed toe, can immediately make your legs appear longer.

Meanwhile, the wrong toe shape, such as the square toe which is very on trend right now, is much less flattering. I noticed they actually make my legs look shorter. That is why I have donated all my square toe booties and tall boots, ever since I discovered they does the opposite of making my legs look longer.

I know this may sound surprising to a lot of girls, especially if you happen to be short like me. Most of the time we are told that short girls look better in shorter dresses, and you probably are under the impression that long dresses are only for taller girls not us.

I have discovered quite the contrary- maxi length dresses are extremely flattering for petite women, and can effectively elongate our legs!The reason is that they form an unbroken vertical line for your body from head to toe, which create the illusion of a longer frame therefore longer legs as well.If you have not tried any maxi-length dress, try it yourself today and you will notice your legs magically look longer!

Pucci Asma
Answer # 2 #

Keep reading to learn how to elongate your legs!

Fully or front-tucking tops shortens the look of your torso, making your legs appear longer. Tie-front and knot-front tees achieve the same leg-lengthening trick. Combine these tops with high-rise bottoms for an extra elongating ensemble.

Layer on a duster-length cardigan, longline vest, waterfall cardigan or a breezy kimono to stretch your overall silhouette. Pair high-rise jeans with a cropped blouse and a classic long trench for a casual-chic coupling.

Choose High-Waisted Bottoms

A higher rise in your jeans, pants and skirts gives the appearance of longer legs. Pair high-waisted bottoms with a cropped or a half-tucked top and pointed-toe shoes in the same shade as your pants for an ultra leggy look.

Wear Vertical Stripes

Vertical lines lead the eye to look up and down, which has a lengthening effect on your whole look. Pair pinstriped pants and skirts with a bodysuit and a tailored jacket for a sleek and stylish silhouette.

Wearing pants, jeans or a jumpsuit in the same color as your footwear creates an optical illusion that makes your legline appear longer. Matching the color of your tights and shoes (or wearing nude shoes with bare-leg looks) offers the same optical illusion. Try pairing burgundy tights with burgundy pumps and a classic LBD for a colorful leg-lengthening look.

Pointed-toe shoes add an extra 1-2 inches to your foot, thereby extending the length of your legline. If you wear heels, consider a pointed-toe stiletto or bootie to add extra height.

Horizontal straps across the ankle or top of your foot visually cut the leg off right at the ankle, making your legs look shorter. If you love ankle strap shoes, try wearing them with tights in the same color to prevent the line of your legs from being shortened.

— Christina & Tiffany

Looking for leg-lengthening outfits to add to your wardrobe? Look no further than our expert team of stylists. Take your style quiz and order your first Fix to get started. We’ll send five individual items for you to try on at home. Buy what you love and send back the rest. Shipping, returns and exchanges are free and easy.

Jost Levering
Biomedical Scientist
Answer # 3 #

Stretches and other exercises that tone your muscles can help your legs look longer. They also can bring your legs to their full, genetically determined length by counteracting the effects of gravity and lifestyle.

Some exercises that can help your legs look longer include:

There are several different types of lunges you can do to make your legs look longer.

These variations target all your leg muscles, improving stability and strength. They also tone these muscles, which helps them look longer.

The first variation is a standard lunge. To do standard lunges:

Other types of lunges use the same general structure as a standard lunge, with slight variations. These include:

Bridges stretch and tone your quads (thighs), glutes, and hip flexors. This improves your hip flexibility and can also make your thighs look longer.

Increasing your hamstring flexibility through stretching helps your hamstrings reach their maximum length, which makes your legs look longer. There are two main ways to do a hamstring stretch.

For a seated stretch:

For a raised leg stretch:

If you’ve ever taken a yoga class, you’re probably familiar with downward dog.

Squats are a great way to tone your entire leg, especially your thighs.

You can use your body weight or add weights to make this exercise harder.

Jean-François Danko
Public Health Nursing
Answer # 4 #

Luckily, there’s a lot of things we can do to give ourselves some extra visual height.

Dressing for your body type means understanding how to play with proportions – where are you widest vs where are you narrowest, where are you shortest vs where are you tallest – and then using clothes to balance the discrepancy between the two.

Or, avoiding styling choices that further enhance the disparity.

It’s actually quite simple when you think about it, people just have a tendancy of oevrcomplicating it. Which is the entire reason we spend all of Module 2 in our online style course, Unlock Your Signature Style, dedicated to teaching you everything there is to know about dressing for your shape.

Tomio Thring
Sound Designer
Answer # 5 #
  • Stand with your feet together.
  • Step forward with one foot.
  • Bend both knees to a 90-degree angle, or as close to it as you can.
  • Hold this position for several seconds.
  • Push off your front leg and return to your starting position.
  • Repeat, alternating legs.
Erin Akil
Rehabilitation Nursing
Answer # 6 #

A higher rise in your jeans, pants and skirts gives the appearance of longer legs. Pair high-waisted bottoms with a cropped or a half-tucked top and pointed-toe shoes in the same shade as your pants for an ultra leggy look.

B. Haas
Answer # 7 #

It should come as no surprise that the style of shoe you wear can have a big impact on lengthening your legs. A simple way to get those gams looking great is by picking a simple nude pump. Easy.

Send your square and round-toe shoes packing. Those shapes do nothing for short legs, so stick to slick, pointy boots for a more flattering winter style.

It’s no secret that head-to-toe black will make you look slimmer and taller. But a trick you might not be as familiar with is that this idea really applies to just about any shade, particularly darker colors. This simple layering trick will make getting dressed on a brisk December morning an absolute no-brainer, which means more time sleeping. Win-win.

We understand wide-leg pants can seem daunting, but we suggest getting over your fear of them, and pronto. We suggest taking them to the tailor so they fit just right (you want the hem length to graze the top of your foot) and be sure to always pair them with heels.

Pulling on those black jeans today? Do yourself a favor and get maximum impact for minimal effort by pairing those dark denim threads with boots in the same shade. That strategic use of color will create a longer, leaner line through the body—also known as a one-way ticket to Gisele legs.

Nothing screams “legs for days” like a high waistline. Tucking a shirt into a high-waisted skirt or pants will create some confusion (in the best possible way) about where your gams actually start. This is a very, very good thing and is particularly great for women with a longer torso and shorter legs.

In the same way pointy-toe shoes work so well for petite women, a v-cut at the top of your winter ankle boots will create a more flattering transition from your legs to your feet.

We can’t hammer this home enough—high waistlines work like wizardry on short legs. That power intensifies when high-waisted skirts meet cropped tops and towering heels.

You already know vertical stripes are seriously flattering, so why haven’t you jumped on the bandwagon yet? Painting your legs in the elongating print is a foolproof fashion tip. If you’re scared of the attention-grabbing style, pick a black and white print and keep the rest of your outfit on the muted side.

Sure, they’re super cute, but ankle straps cut off your legs visually and have the power to shorten even the slimmest of legs. Seriously, avoid them at all costs, and stick to flattering pointy pumps instead.

An over-the-knee boot with a bit of heel will do you wonders by creating a longer visual line. Pint-sized Russian style icon Miroslava Duma knows what we’re talking about.

Wahid Dominic