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How to escape someone on top of you?

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Escape from reality is something we often do without realizing. Some escape routes are less noticeable than others. Sometimes we develop behaviors that fulfill a function even if it doesn't seem like it, even if it doesn't seem right at first glance.

It leads to self-delusion if you escape from reality. We can get used to the idea that a problem isn't there, but if it really is, sooner or later it will come to the fore.

This desire to escape from reality leads to harmful behaviors for ourselves and others.

Without realizing it, the desire not to face reality causes us to hide behind maladaptive behaviors that do not solve what we want to avoid and, instead, create new problems for us. The following are some of the behaviors.

This is a way of escaping reality and going to an illusory world. If this happened, it would be solved. Buying the lottery to fix things once and for all is the problem, not the solution to the employment situation or increasing income.

It's not the problem to explore what is behind the sadness and loneliness, but to wait for the person we want to change, or something to happen that will take us out of that state.

It's not a good idea to take responsibility for what actually happens to us when we're waiting for something that won't happen.

It is possible to escape from reality by subjecting it to the reality of others. There are two ways to do it. It's one of the most common ways to blame others.

The problem is with the couple, what they do or don't do, the boss, who demands or does not demand, or family, which is this way or another.

The person thinks that he is a simple toy in the hands of other people. There was no place for a minimum autonomy.

The other path of dependency is to cling to someone and then have responsibility for our own destiny.

We don't have to confront ourselves with our mistakes.

It's very common for the path of escaping from reality to be chosen, and for it to be used as a justification for what happens to us. Bad luck or fate are the favorites. We can't do anything about it because it's out of our control.

There are cases in which we cling to our weaknesses to justify not taking action to face our mistakes. "I don't know about that" is used to evade the advance, and "I am temperamental", which is used to circumvent their lack of commitment to the elaboration of their anger. There are many such formulas.

Increasing the severity of some problems can be used to sidestep other problems. Some people marry radical pessimism and use it as an excuse to not grow.

It is not worth trying to improve the world by yourself.

A couple, a child, the mother or work become a kind of nest of evils. All attention is focused on one of the realities and any small deviations from that are a catastrophe. This is a way of escaping reality and creating a smoke screen.

Tejal Rekha