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how to ewallet from absa?

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Answer # 1 #
  • Dial *120*2272#, and enter your 5-digit PIN.
  • Select 5 to proceed.
  • Select 2 to send to a new beneficiary.
  • Enter the recipient's cellphone number.
  • Enter the recipient's name.
  • Select the account you wish to debit.
  • Enter the amount you wish to send.
Cassi Shirer
Answer # 2 #

You can pay with Google Wallet™ wherever you find either the contactless or Google Pay symbols. Find them on the point-of-sale device or on the cash register at merchant till.

Step 1: Wake up & unlock your phone

Turn on your screen, then unlock your phone. You don’t need to open the Google Wallet™ app.

Tip: Smaller transactions don't require you to unlock your phone.

Step 2: Hold the back of your phone close to the point-of-sale device for a few seconds

When you’re done paying, a blue check mark appears on the screen.

If the check mark isn’t on your screen:

If there’s a check mark but the cashier says that the payment didn’t work:

Step 3: If prompted, follow the on-screen instructions

Some stores ask for a PIN or signature. If you’re asked, follow the steps on the screen.

Make a payment in a store using your smartwatch

Fumiyo Grimpe
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Answer # 3 #

Most people keep asking how Absa ewallet work in South Africa. In this guide, we will show you exactly that.

This is a money-to-mobile facility that enables simple banking and is cost-effective.

You can actually transfer money from your account to anyone with a working mobile number in South Africa.

We will show you exactly how the program works.

You can send money anytime and anywhere to someone with a valid phone number.

There is no waiting period meaning that cash can be withdrawn immediately after you have received it.

You can only send quick cash and not a large lump sum of money because the more you spend, the higher the charges.

The maximum amount you can transfer is R3,000.

You are charged R8.00 for every R1,000 you send through the e-wallet.

Absa ewallet payment is valid for thirty (30) days, and when payment expires, the money is allocated back into your account.

This is generally how Absa ewallet works in South Africa.

Now that you know how the system works, we will show you how to send money through Absa ewallet in south Africa.

Please follow the basic steps below to send money:

The recipient will receive a confirmation SMS and instantly access the money.

This is how you send money with Absa ewallet.

We will now show you how to withdraw money obtained through the Absa ewallet.

Follow the basic steps below to withdraw cash from an Absa ATM:

. You can also withdraw cash at any PEP, PEP home, PEP cell, or any Pep multiple cash-out partners.

Carry with you your South African ID Book or card when going to withdraw money.

This is how you withdraw funds from Absa ewallet in South Africa.

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Answer # 4 #

One of the benefits of using the Absa eWallet is convenience. The ability to send money, anytime and anywhere to someone who doesn't have the Absa bank account.

Cash is available for withdrawal immediately, with no waiting period like when you're making an eft payment over the weekend or to another bank.

The cash send service is offered at the most affordable costs.

You'll be charged R8.00 for every R1,000.00 cash you send via the Absa CashSend.

The Absa eWallet is designed to send quick cash, and not a large lump sum of money because it'll cost you more.

It's much safer to do an ewallet payment than carrying cash walking the streets - would you agree?

And the best part?

The Absa eWallet withdrawal is free of charge.

If you're familiar with the Absa online system, then you must know it's very simple to do an ewallet payment.

Follow these simple steps to transfer money using the Absa CashSend.

That's it. The recipient for the money will receive an SMS confirmation and instant access to the money.

Quick advise: Always double-check the transaction details before confirming payment. The wrongful recipient may withdraw the money before you realise you made a mistake and Absa will not be liable for that.

Absa offers various ways to withdraw the ewallet payment.

Visit any of your nearest Absa ATM that offers the CashSend service

You can withdraw cash at any PEP, PEPhome, PEPcell, or at any of the Pep multiple cash-out partners (Usave, Shoprite, Checkers).

To collect money at till points or money market, you must present your bar-coded South African ID Book or Card.

The cashier may request the pin to verify identification and transaction.

And finally, you'll get your money right away.

Yes. And Absa's eWallet facility is formally named CashSend.

You can transfer any amount up to R3,000.00 per day with your Absa eWallet.

The Absa eWallet payment is valid for 30 days. And you can manage the unredeemed transactions on Absa Online Banking. Alternatively, the money will be allocated back into your account when the payment expires.

If you happen to have lost your withdrawal pin for your ewallet payment, you can easily request a new one using the following simple steps:

You can easily cancel or reverse your ewallet payment using Absa online banking.

Here's how you can do it:

Talisa Cidre
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