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how to find nmi number?

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Answer # 1 #

You'll find your 11-digit NMI under 'Your electricity supply details' on Page 2 of your electricity bill.

uxwa Goud
Answer # 2 #

Every connection to the national electricity network is given its own NMI. That includes all types of metered and unmetered electricity connections, like homes and businesses, farms, sheds, pumps, street lights and watchman’s lights.

You can use the NMI to find out information about your electricity connection.

You can find your NMI on your electricity bill.

(Sample only)

If you don’t have an electricity bill handy, you can call Ergon Energy Network on 13 74 66 or your current electricity retailer to ask for your NMI.

The NMI is used to record important data about your electricity network connection point. It is used for:

If you request a new electricity network connection, the NMI will be provided by your electricity distributor, such as Ergon Energy Network. It will appear on your next power bill.

Mayuri Gautam