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How to get kick the buddy?

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Even if you consider yourself a relatively carefree person, Buddy may help you relax even further. Our Kick the Buddy guide will aid you in working out how to download the game, finding an APK, and warning you why using a Kick the Buddy mod may not be the best idea.

If you’re on the lookout for other, even more relaxing games, take a look at our list of the best mobile idle games. Or, for a change of pace, we’ve also got a list that covers all of the best mobile war games.

You can download Kick the Buddy from Google Play or the App Store for free! However, if you would prefer to download a Kick the Buddy APK, we can help you with that, too!

Kick the Buddy iOS: App Store Kick the Buddy Android: Google Play Kick the Buddy PC: Bluestacks Kick the Buddy APK: APK Pure

We recommend avoiding Kick the Buddy mods, as they may include a virus or leave your device open to hacking. Make sure you’re very careful when installing anything that is unsupported or unregulated onto your device.

If you’re curious about Kick the Buddy gameplay, make sure you check out the trailer below.

Without further delay, here are some top tips to help you get started.

You can find all of the items at your disposal by looking in the ‘Stuff’ section. If you feel like taking a bit more of a light-hearted approach, you can switch out your uzi for a tray of eggs or maybe even a mutant rabbit if you feel so inclined.

Seeing a ragdoll in the same blue t-shirt every day can be a bit dull, so head over to the profile tab to pick from a huge range of accessories. You can also purchase extra gold here with real-life money, but we recommend playing the game to build up your wealth instead.

The best reason to visit the ‘Extra’ tab is to check out which achievements you’ve managed to gain. These will often give you in-game bonuses and feature cute artwork of buddy to go along with them.

When you first start Kick the Buddy, the background is a particularly dull cardboard box. If you want to spice things up a bit, you can change the theme by pressing ‘Decor’.

Geraud Beregi
Answer # 2 #

Never Stop Tapping. In Kick the Buddy, all you need to do is to punch, kick, and shoot Buddy until it's knocked out. The more you tap to hurt Buddy, the more money you earn.

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