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How to get skins in state of survival?

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  • Gray is common.
  • Blue is rare.
  • Purple is epic.
  • Gold is legendary.
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Author: Stormrage

Skins/frames are the main ways to change the appearance of your headquarters, your march, your avatar and provide you with a variety of options to select from them. In addition, they are excellent ways of adding extra benefits such as troop attack, troop defence, march speed and food production for more competitive players. Frames can change your avatar, while the skins are divided into march skins and headquarter skins. This guide explains more about the frames, skins, and their types, plus the benefits they can add for the players.

While the frames and skins can be excellent for changing the visual appearance for the players, more competitive players want to obtain them for their extra benefits as well. To achieve the benefits, you will first need to obtain the frame/skin, and then you can activate them. The benefits of the skins/frames can be stacked, as long as it does not exceed the maximum allowable percent. Currently, the maximum percentages of the benefits that can be stacked from the frames/skins are +150%, +150% and +125% for troop attack, troop defence and solo march speed, respectively. The frames and skins can be both temporary or permanent. Some are only available in the game with a temporary statute, but most are available in both versions. The benefits are in effect for as long as the frames/skins are effective, even if temporary. The frames and the skins are explained in the following sections of the guide, separately. You can activate the skins/frames by selecting your headquarters, selecting the skins button and choosing the frames/skins that you want by clicking on the activated button. The current benefits and the details about each percentage can be seen by selecting the benefits button as well. Figure 1 below shows this process.

Note: only the benefits from different skins or frames will be stacked. Getting the same frame/skin again does not provide any extra benefit.

Note: the benefits of the skins/frames are in effect as soon as they are activated, even if you replace them afterwards.

Frames can change the appearance of your avatar, and they are generally easier to obtain than other skins. While some frames can provide benefits such as troop attack or extra march capacity, the main benefit from most of the frames is extra troop defence. The added troop defence can range from +1% to +4%, depending on the frame that you obtain.

The main way to obtain the frames is through buying the specific bundles that include them, which typically occurs when a new event with a brand new frame is released. However, there are other ways to obtain some frames, such as buying them from the skin store, ranking in some theme events/festivals, the season rewards for the fortress fight, top 32 rank in reservoir league, etc. Figure 2 shows all the frames available in the game as of the time of writing this guide, their status, and their benefits.

Tip: Frames are generally very easy and cheap to obtain. thus, they are even suitable for very low spenders. It is a good idea to purchase the frame bundles, every time they appear, to increase your war stats. They can also be obtained from the skin store with the cost of 200 skin tickets.

Tip: F2P or very low spenders can focus on completing the world event tasks actively to be able to obtain the world events’ frames. In addition, it is possible to get some frames for ranking as an F2P if you keep your speed-ups to use during one of the festivals with frames as ranking rewards. Moreover, frames are the easiest and possibly the best items to buy from the skin store, since you can buy them for 200 tickets only.

HQ skins are used to change the appearance of your headquarters and settlement in the wilderness map once they are activated and in play. Even though, the main benefit from the HQ skins is to increase the troop attack of the players. There are two HQ skins that provide food production benefits and there is one with no benefits, as of the time of writing this guide. The troop attack benefits from the HQ skin, ranges from +1.5% to +3.5%, depending on how hard it is to get the skin. HQ skins are very important for heavy spenders or very competitive players since they contribute to the troop attack and can be the only difference between maxed accounts.

HQ skins are usually very hard to obtain. The main way to obtain the HQ skins is to be one of the very top ranks of the theme events/festival. However, some HQ skins can be obtained from the skin store, or events such as world events (Migo, Yith, etc.), reservoir league, and some were available for purchase through purchasing some bundles in the anniversary event. Figure 3 shows all the HQ skins available in the game as of the time of writing this guide, their status, and their benefits.

Tip: Even though HQ skins are usually not obtained by F2P and low spending players, some festivals offer a chance for low spending players to obtain the HQ skins. It is a good idea to keep your speed-ups and biocaps to spend them during the events like that and have a chance of getting the skins.

Tip: World events are the best events for F2P and low spending players to obtain the HQ skins. There are two types of HQ skins available in the glory store, common and advanced. F2P and low spenders should focus on doing the related tasks actively during the world events to have a chance of obtaining the common HQ skins. The advanced HQ skins are usually harder to get, even though possible.

Note: The advanced HQ skins can change the appearance of the barricade and the research building, as well as the headquarters and settlement.

Note: Some special gift codes provide temporary skins as well. These skins are usually very limited (1-3 days), so it is a good idea to activate these temporary skins when you can take advantage of their benefits for one of the events as well.

Tip: In special events, some skins, and frames can be upgraded to a higher level, in which case the frame’s benefits will usually increase as well. Since the two frames/skins are different from each other, both of them can be activated at the same time and the benefits from them stack in such cases. It is wise to upgrade your frames if you have the chance.

March skins can change the appearance of your march in the wilderness map once they are in play. In addition, march skins can help increase your solo march speed as well, which can be very beneficial, especially for some events such as SvS (capital clash) or reservoir raid. This increase ranges from 5% to 8%, depending on the march skins.

You can generally obtain the march skins through purchasing specific bundles to meet top-up targets. However, some march skins are available through other ways, such as ranking in the first 32 alliances in the reservoir league, buying them from the world events’ stores, through the skin store, etc.

Note: The march speed increase is only when the player is marching solo and is not applicable to rallies that the player starts.

In addition to march skins, there are a few attack effects available that players can obtain. As of right now, there are three attack effects available, lunar new year thunder, light of hope and binding light of hope. Light of hope and binding light of hope could be obtained through the second anniversary event, but provide no extra benefits. Lunar new year thunder, however, provides an extra 2% of troop defence. Figure 4 shows all the march skins and attack effects available in the game as of the time of writing this guide, their status, and their benefits.

Tip: In most cases, players can obtain temporary frames/skins for free from the game for different events. Some players just activate them to enjoy their appearance for a short period of time. However, the best way to use them is to activate them before an event, so you can use their added benefits for the event as well. Some examples of that are the reservoir raid, SvS (capital clash), or even before registering your troops for showdown. Sometimes, that slight benefit can make a significant difference in the outcome.

Tip: Even though frames/skins add benefits for individuals, some alliance-based events provide these skins, such as reservoir leagues, fortress fight, showdown, etc. In addition, your alliance ranking can be a great asset for you to obtain more glory at the end of each world event season, which you can exchange for skins/frames. It is a great idea to plan and strategize for these events as an alliance and ensure your team effort to help all the members of the alliance. One example could be bringing your farms/second accounts that you actively play with to your alliance to help boost your alliance ranking overall (if you don’t already have enough active members). Another example is using general tips and tricks to rank higher in showdown events every time.

Tip: Ranking among the top 32 alliances of the reservoir league every season, can provide an excellent opportunity for the alliance members to obtain these frames or skins for free from the game. However, if your alliance is not one of the top alliances, and you are unlikely to qualify from the first stages of reservoir league, one good strategy is a temporary merge with another alliance in your state. This may give you a higher chance of qualifying from the qualifier stage of the reservoir league, and thus obtaining the skins/frames.

The Skin store is one of the most recent added features to the game, where players can exchange skin tickets for skins or frames. The store items refresh once every month and the players get 10 free skin tickets every time the store refreshes. This feature is a good way for lower spending players or even F2P to obtain some frames or march skins. You can access the store using the store option on the bottom right of the screen and then selecting the skin store. Figure 5 shows an example of the items available in the skin store.

You can obtain tickets by purchasing specific bundles or even from different events within the game, but at a slow rate. In addition to frames and skins, this store offers a variety of decorations as well, which do not add any benefits, but can be appealing for some players.

Tip: Ranking top 25 in some theme events provides a considerable number of skin tickets for the players. This is a very good way of obtaining the tickets and can generally provide enough tickets for more than two frames in the skin store. Take advantage of this option by using your backpack resources during those theme events.

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Answer # 3 #

The Skin Store offers full set of skins and decorations from past events. This means that players can now get skins of past events from this store. To be able to do this, you will have to obtain coupons called Skin Tickets, which you will redeem for the skins.

swpmj Duarte
Answer # 4 #

So, you want freeskins on SoS to kill zombies? Nothing could be easier. Well, first of all, you should know that if you are a very young player, the skins are not yet within your reach. Indeed, to get skins SoS, you need to have a minimum level of HQ of 22. It is at this level that you unlock the "equipment" tab of your character and the "Theme" tab.

To speed up your State of Survival progress, optimise your troops to win as many battles as possible. Plan to spend several hours on the game, before you can get free skins . You can still read our tips for leveling up. Especially since skins will give you statistical advantages later on. In the meantime, here are some tips on how to get skins in SoS:

When you want to get a good start in State of Survival, you want freeskins . Or, failing that, skins to be obtained during events in the game. It is therefore essential to participate in in-game events in order to earn your own skins ! Amongst the events, there are of course the limited time events in collaboration with other franchises. I'm thinking in particular of the SoS x The Walking Dead event. But you also have seasonal events like the Christmas event or the Halloween event, which come back every year.

For events that are exclusive to a region OR for an exceptional event, the skins are also limited in time. That is, these skins can ONLY be obtained during that specific event. This differs from seasonal events which promise the renewal of skins, but also the return of old skins! In short, if you play the seasonal events, you are sure to get at least one skin that has appeared before.

Be aware that skins gives you extra ability points. This is for example the case of the skin of frames of the Halloween event, Screaming Pumpkin Head, which gives + 2% in Troop Defence. This skin can be obtained at the Halloween State of Survival events each year. The skin of HQ of Halloween gives, for example, 2% Troop Attack. Combine the two and you will greatly increase your gains in battle.

The same goes for the Easter Bunny frame, which you can get at the SoS Easter event. This frame also gives you an extra 2% in Troop Defence. Note that these seasonal frames can be obtained either by paying €5 per frame or by playing the events throughout the year and doing all the missions. Frames are extremely useful in-game, as they increase your game stats and therefore allow you to earn VIP points, which are useful for purchasing skins.

One year you could even win fireworks as a battle skin , see you on New Year's Day to see if this skin is still up for grabs!

You can earn skins frames, skins deployments or skins from HQ during the following seasonal events : Music Day, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, New Year's Day, New Year's State of Survival and Summer Event. All of these skins State of Survival increase your stats between troop defence and attack.

As you know, to get gifts or promotions in the shop, you can use mobile game promo codes! Among the rewards : food, resources, speed up (Spead Up), but also... Skins ! Luckily, there are many State of Survival promo codes available. The gift codes allow you to get a lot of advantages and to find skins sometimes disappeared from the events store.

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