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How to keep pigeons away from balcony?

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Answer # 1 #

Pigeons can be quite annoying to birds due to the noise they make and the fact that their droppings can be a major source of infections, so if they nest on terraces they must be chased away as soon as possible.

The most common pigeons are the house pigeons, which live in urban areas and need to be driven away from buildings. Many methods of repelling pigeons are not exterminating them, but preventing them from landing, and these methods are used in historical buildings since their droppings are corrosive and can damage the structures.

Pigeon traps can be used to catch pigeons from private terraces. The bait should be put into a cage so that the pigeons can't get through the trap door.

We can scare them away by putting pins on our windows. Chemical baits such as ovocontrol can be used to stop pigeons from laying eggs, and can also be used to prevent pigeons from nesting in our window.

This can be added to food and used as a contraceptive.

If they come to eat, they will not be able to lay eggs in our window, so we will have to put it in the window.

The two main types of products to scare pigeons are those that imitate them, such as owls or hawks, which give good results because the pigeons confuse them with birds of prey and will flee from our terrace or window. We can get the pigeons to flee with the use of chemical repellers, which can be purchased in liquid or gel form.

CDs to scare away pigeons are very effective and serve to scare away all kinds of urban birds in general, and thus prevent them from nesting in our building. These discs are made of double glass that reflect light and make birds go away. There are windows and terraces where these CDs are hung. They are effective and decorative, and they are not harmful to birds. If we have a garden, they can be hung on the trees and their installation is very simple.

It is recommended that we move the pigeons so that they don't get used to it and that they don't end up in our building.

Anti-pigeon spikes are placed on roofs and on the outside of buildings to prevent pigeons from landing on buildings. The ledges of the terraces can be placed with nails and silicone, thanks to a series of strips with spikes. Although they are easy to install, they can harm pigeons, and although their installation is allowed, it can cause harm to these birds, so it is not the best method to scare them away.

Nabila auge
Answer # 2 #

You have to be careful with the garbage and water on your balcony, terrace or roof. Pigeons are prone to appear when these items are on the floor, so don't get lost: try to leave everything clean so they can't feed on anything.

The hatred of pigeons is not related to the fact that you drive them away from your house.

Humans can contract diseases from close contact with pigeons, like rats.

The three most common are here.

All previous problems and infections will be kept away if you keep your home free from pigeons. We recommend this article in which you will find many tips if you are having problems with Viruses.

Fredro Grosse
Chief Product Security Officer