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How to level up in tera?

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Answer # 1 #

Complete Storyline Quest (red ! quests)

Grind Devan mobs (Crescentia)

Complete Bastion of Lok (5-man Dungeon) as a 5-man party

Recommended: Kill Basilisk BAMs near Bastion of Lok entrance.

Complete Sinestral Manor (5-man Dungeon) as a 5-man party

Recommended: Kill Fimbrilisk and Ovolith BAMs near Sinestral Manor entrance.

Recommended: Kill only beginning mobs in Saravash's Ascent (5-man Dungeon) as a solo party

Complete Saravash's Ascent (5-man Dungeon) as a 5-man party

Kill Juggernauts BAMs in Azrael's Labyrinth

Kill Desert Fire Mobs near Camp Marrakeen by Tulufan

Complete Cultists' Refuge (5-man Dungeon) as a 5-man party

Complete story line quest (red ! quests) near Essenia

Recommended: Kill Desert Lightning Kumases near Aurum Road (Tulufan)

Recommended: Kill Patient Lithikumas (Tralion) to gather Avatar Relics (Press H)

Complete Necromancer Tomb (5-man Dungeon) as a 5-man party

Recommended: Kill Basilisks in Frontera.

Kill Sabertooth mobs at Frontera

Recommended: Kill Onyx Hydrath at Tempest Reach (Acarum)

Recommended: Kill Devan mobs at Dragonfall

Complete Golden Labyrinth (5-man dungeon) as a 5-man party

Recommended: Complete Saleron's Sky Garden (5-man dungeon) as a 5-man party

Do Vanguard BAM quests

Continue killing Devans

Complete story line quest (red ! quests)

Recommended: Complete Ebon Tower (5-man dungeon) as a 5-man party.

Kill Mugato mobs at Pathfinder Post

Recommended: Follow the Story Quest started with the Airship Platform Teleportal Scroll

Queue for Sabex Armory (5-man Dungeon) while questing (Level 60+)

Fastest: If you have a geared level 65 friend, party together and kill Ruin Guardians (Level 63 BAMs)

Continue the Story Quest (red ! quests)

Queue for Macellarius Catacombs (5-man Dungeon) while questing (Level 63+)

Fastest: If you have a level 65 friend, party together and run the Macellarius Catacombs dungeon together.


Vick Scholl
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Answer # 2 #

How long does it take to play Tera from character creation to level 65? It turns out that the game keeps track, so it’s really easy to tell. Here’s one of the early toons I created, an Elin Mystic. I like Mystics. They solo very well and are in high demand in dungeons so if you want to run a dungeon, you have a short wait. Some times only a second or two, so you better be ready when you queue. But back to looking at play times. 6 Days 6 Hours.

That is total time playing the character, from, for this character, creating it on the Island of Dawn way back when, until I cleaned up some quests back in Habere to get rid of some stale quest items from my inventory, which probably took an hour or so.

Now let’s look at some other characters, since I’m a real Altaholic.

Here’s one of my fav reapers. Reapers start at level 55 as I recall and by the time you finish the 30 – 45 min starting area, you are level 58. And they do a lot of damage and are hard to hit, so they level in the new Fate of Arun area pretty quickly to 65. This toon was only played for 3 days and 8 hours and that includes some time doing Reputation quests.

This lovely priest took 5 days and 13 hours and she hasn’t started her rep quests yet. Priests level more slowly in the new Fate of Arun content. Takes maybe twice as long to level them there. I suggest using the Sabex Armory dungeon over and over to add a level or two from 61 to 63 perhaps. You get lots of upgraded glyphs as a bonus. This scheme also works well for Mystics since as healers they also don’t wait long on Instance Matching for the dungeon.

This handsome fellow priest took 6 days and 22 hours and again, without starting any rep quests. I leveled him before I learned how effective Sabex Armory is for leveling healers, so leveling him was quite a slog using Vanguard Requests.

This gunner was leveled after many of the simplifications were made to Island of Dawn and she has completed her Rep quests to get her Panther mount, but as you can see, she only has been played for a total of 5 days.

But look at a recent brawler.

This Brawler started leveling as soon as Brawlers were released and took advantage of the simplified Step Stone Isle starting area, as well as the buffs and scrolls during the starting event. She has not started her rep quests. She has been played for only 1 day and 15 hours to reach level 65. Amazing.

With the recent changes to up XP from story quests, addition of Vanguard Requests, and the elimination of the need to do Zone quests to level, most classes can level in 2-4 days of play time rather than the old 5-8 days. I have some older toons in their 40s and 50s that were started when the old leveling was in place. I’m now working to level those characters to level 65 in the new simplified scheme and find that even without the 100% XP scrolls and buffs of the leveling event when new classes are released, the leveling process goes much faster. I assume that’s the goal of Enmasse and Blue Hole Studios: Get players to the End Game as quickly as possible.

Tarun Sonu.
Answer # 3 #


The leveling up crafting skills Tera guide will show you how to level Alchemy, Etching, Armorcrafting & Weaponcrafting professions. You will learn all of the important information needed to level all crafting professions from 1 to 800 Master crafter. If you are new to Tera and thinking about leveling all four crafting professions at once please check to see if #1, you have four max level characters and #2, you have over 150k gold in the bank. At the time of this writing the higher level crafting materials needed to level up crafting skills is really expensive, so it might even cost a lot more gold to level all 4 professions if you didn’t farm all the materials yourself.

You may notice I do not mention the “Alliance” crafting profession in my Tera crafting guide. I didn’t mention Alliance crafting because I have no characters that are leveling Alliance crafting skills and I honestly don’t care enough about Alliance to dedicate any time to it. So I am nowhere near an Alliance crafting expert to mention it in a tutorial. I imagine you use the same methods to level up Alliance crafting that you use for the other four professions, but this is only a guess.

I cover Weaponcrafting, Armorcrafting, Etching and Alchemy in the video because I am either a level 800 Master crafter or currently taking my 800 Master test in all four. So I can honestly say I know a lot about those four crafting professions to make a video tutorial on the subject.

In the Tera Etching, Armorcrafting, Weaponcrafting & Alchemy 1-800 crafting guide / video tutorial below I teach you the following… 01. The 4 main locations to find crafting areas with crafting merchants; Kaiator, Allemantheia, Velika and Highwatch. 02. To start, purchase a “Design” (aka “Formula”) from the Design/Formula vendor of the crafting profession you wish to level. The Design/Formula must be level 1 when first starting out. 03. Right-Click the Design/Formula to learn it. Walk over to a crafting station to start crafting your design/formula. 04. The design/formula may require some sort of Kit or Scroll material. You can purchase that material from the “Materials” vendor of your selected profession. 05. Your skill level will increase after each crafting each item. Once you reach the maximum level your current deign gives experience for your skill level will no longer increase. 06. Once your skill level does not increase with your current design/formula, you must go back to the design/formula vendor and purchase a higher level design/formula to craft. Rinse and repeat this profess until you hit skill level 500. 07. When you reach skill level 500 you can take the “Artisan” test. To pass the Artisan test you must craft everything on the Artisan Test list. 08. After passing the Artisan test select a level 500 skill design/formula to further advanced your progression. When that design does not level you anymore select a higher skill level design/formula until you hit 800 skill level. 09. At 800 skill level you can take the “Master” test. To become a Master Crafter in your selected profession you must craft everything on the Master Test list. 10. Your crafting is limited by the Production Points system. Every design costs a certain amount of production points. Tera replenishes 1,440 production points per day with a max cap of 4,000. For a comprehensive tutorial on Production Points please see my Tera Production Points Guide. 11. Most of the designs require an ingredient that needs to be crafted. You can also buy that material design/formula from the design/formula vendor of your selected crafting profession. 12. A lot of the materials needed to craft items like Runes will drop while leveling, killing mobs, BAMs or inside dungeons. Higher level designs will require harder to get materials you can only get through high level dungeons and PvP boxes like Sea Chests and Toy Boxes. Of course you can buy the majority of crafting materials on the Trade Broker, but it will be expensive if you only go that route instead of farming the materials yourself. 13. Tera allows you to only level up 1 crafting profession past 499 skill level Per Character. If you want to become an Artisan or Master Crafter in all Professions you must create a different character to level up each individual profession. 14. You can craft any place in the Tera world as long as you are near a fire or fire pit.


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