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how to play mcpe on pc?

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Now, you can bypass this limitation by playing Minecraft Pocket Edition on your PC, and in this post, we are going to show you how to do it.

Minecraft has multiple versions, built to enable users to play across different devices. If you break them down, Minecraft has over 15 versions, but we’ll classify them here.

If you want to play Minecraft on your PC, you have 2 options: the Classic Edition(Browser) and the Java Edition. The classic edition is completely free. All you need is a browser and a PC with a keyboard. The Java Edition on the other hand is not free, you will have to purchase it for $26.95 USD or your local currency equivalent.

Minecraft Java edition does have a free trial period for 90 minutes of in-game time. This version is available for Windows, Android, PlayStation, and Vita.

The different versions of Minecraft for PC all have different prices. To find out how much Minecraft is on PC, you can refer to this table.

Minecraft for PCs has two major options for you to choose from. Depending on the platform on which you want to experience the game, you can choose either Minecraft Java or Minecraft Windows 10. Being the original version of the game, Minecraft Java was built solely for PCs. You can play it on a PC using either of the major operating systems, including macOS, Windows 7 and higher, and Linux.

Minecraft Windows 10 was developed later on based on the Bedrock Edition for devices that support Windows 10, mobile devices, and consoles. Let’s look at how the differences between these two versions translate to practice.


Both versions support mods so that players have endless possibilities when playing the game. The difference is that with Minecraft Java, you only make a purchase once, to acquire the game and you get access to an extensive library of free mods. Whereas, with Minecraft Windows 10, there's an in-game store where you can purchase mods and install them in your gameplay.


If you want to play with players from different platforms, such as Xbox, mobile, etc., you should choose the Windows 10 version. This feature is not available in the Java Edition, which allows you to only play with PC users.


Since the Java Edition was primarily made for PCs, you can only use the keyboard and mouse as controllers. Minecraft Windows 10 on the other hand, allows you to use console controllers in addition to the keyboard and mouse.

System requirements: Minimum and Recommended

Let’s see how you can download Minecraft on your PC. If your system meets the requirements above, you can download Minecraft on your PC in the following steps.

Step 1: Purchase Minecraft

Go to and click on ‘Get Minecraft’. Select the version you want to use and complete the purchase.

Step 2: Download Minecraft

Go back to and log in by providing your email and password. Next, navigate to the download link and download the launcher

Step 3: Install Minecraft

Then install it on your PC. Make sure to click on start launcher after closing the installer. When the game is launched, provide your email and password once again to start playing.

With the Wild Update for Minecraft Bedrock just being released in June this year, you might be looking to update your PC version. Although this version should automatically update, sometimes this doesn’t happen.

So here’s what you need to do. Go to the Microsoft Store and navigate to Downloads and Updates. Next, select Get Updates and all your installed applications including Minecraft will be updated.

If you have installed the Minecraft Pocket edition on your phone, and you also want to play minecraft on PC, using AirDroid Cast is the best choise. Minecraft Pocket edition has stronger parental controls and allows invite-only multiplayer making it child-friendly. It is also lightweight and the speed is appropriate for mobile devices.

However, having controls on your screen means that your thumbs will be blocking a portion of your view. This experience is not pleasant. There’s a way to harness all of the pros of the pocket edition without the cons.

With AirDroid Cast, you can do this by launching the Pocket Edition on your phone and casting the screen to your computer. By doing this, you will encounter the following benefits:

You can set up AirDroid Cast and play Minecraft Pocket Edition on your PC in these steps.

Minecraft is such a versatile game, allowing you to share the experiences of survival and world-building with your friends. You can connect with your friends in these ways:

Players can join servers for free and play with others. To join a server, click on the servers tab. You will find some featured servers which you can join directly by clicking Join Server.

But if you want to create your own server, scroll down to the bottom of the featured servers section and click on the Add Server button. Next, add the server name and address. You can also join a friend's server, which is not among the featured servers in the same way.

A local area network can enable you to connect with friends nearby and play. If both of you are under the same local IP address, all you have to do is launch Minecraft and click on Multiplayer. Next select ‘Direct connect’ then enter the IP address and press enter.

The Xbox controller is compatible with PCs. For this reason, you can play Minecraft on your PC using the Xbox controller.

Playing Minecraft on your PC makes for a better and seamless experience as it is easier to play with the keyboard and mouse rather than having your controller on your screen. This version however comes with system requirements for memory, storage, CPU, etc., which your computer may not necessarily have.

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