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How to play uno in telegram?

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Answer # 1 #
  • Play alone, or add your friends into a group chat on Telegram.
  • Search for @gamee and add it as a member into the group chat.
  • Type / in the chat to enable commands, then select an option button to pick a category.
  • Select the games inside each category and wait for the game to launch.
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Answer # 2 #

Ever been disheartened by the busy schedules of you and your friends? As the pace of life picks up in our much-dreaded ageing process, few individuals are able to catch up with their besties as much as before. Here’s where online Telegram games come in—to alleviate your social longing, we have curated a list of some of the best Telegram games that you can play with your friends. Surely, nothing bonds busy friends more than some quick and casual games, conveniently within reach in a handy messenger application. Let’s go.

For you quiz heads waiting to flex your general knowledge to unsuspecting (and in some cases, unwilling) victims, this online Telegram game is for you. Quizarium pits a minimum of two players against each other in a showdown of general, historical, pop, and entertainment knowledge. If you have friends who dare declare themselves better than you in trivia, this online Telegram game will quickly and efficiently prove your might once and for all. There is, after all, only one trivia crown to be won and worn.


If you’re a fan of party games harbouring a dark, witty sense of humour, you may have chanced upon this popular franchise. Chat Against Humanity is an online Telegram game that brings a digital twist to the conventional card version that is fully automated by bot. Players in the group chat take turns to decide which is the funniest answer in response to the bot’s question, rendering a score point to the player whose answer gets chosen.

Here’s a sneaky advice for you: Get a head start by understanding your friends really well so you know what tickles their funny bone!

If you’re looking to hone your sadism (or in other words, dark humour) in real life, you can get your physical cards/free PDF prints here on their official website, or head down to any gift store to buy a printed deck.


Whether you are brushing up on your existing vocabulary in your free time or feel like flexing your intellectual acuity, Hangbot has the challenge just for you and your friends. Each incorrect guess results in deduction of a heart from your existing inventory, and the game is over when you expend all the hearts. Figure out Hangbot’s mystery word in the least number of tries and you’ll be swiftly crowned as a true Vocabularian!


Friend or foe? This is an online Telegram game that brings out your inner Sherlock Holmes and hones your logical reasoning. If you’ve involved yourself in the rave over popular online game Among Us, you’ll be pleased to know that there is a fun variation to sharpen up your harmless deception skills.

The game, Werewolf, pits Villagers and the Werewolves against each other. Players on each team have to strategically defend their position to prove “innocence”, whilst killing or voting out the antagonists of their party. This game is fully moderated by the bot, so everyone gets to join in the fun!

Don’t forget to try out Werewolfbot’s Chaos mode, where more playable characters such as serial killers, guardian angels, and detectives are included to further challenge your deductive skills.

If you’d much prefer the physical copy of Werewolf, you can buy the familiar red-box version here, or a condensed variation that lasts only one night, called the One Night Ultimate Werewolf.


Now available on Telegram, Unobot simulates the much loved UNO experience straight from our devices. For those who are new to this game, Unobot deals playing cards to individual players when playable cards are shown in your inventory.

To win the game, you will need to clear the cards in your hand by matching either the symbol, number or colour of the previously played card. Whether you’ll end up with a good hand partly depends on your luck, planning and foresight. A little tip from us: Be wise when using your +2 and +4 cards as those could be crucial in determining the winner!

There’s also an additional perk to playing UNO on Telegram—You don’t have to yell ‘UNO!’ when you’re holding your last card so that saves the scatterbrains from suffering a penalty.

If you’re the kind who would prefer seeing real-time reaction after you skillfully sabotage your mates, you can buy a physical copy in most gift or game stores. If you prefer to purchase online, you can get it from UNO’s official website as well.


Speaking of old school classics, we’ve got a ton of retro games lined up for you in Gamee. Relive retro gaming on these Telegram games, and pick from a varied range in Gamee’s extensive categories.

Our take on this? Each game has its own flair so give all the games a go. There are accompanying instructions for each individual game so don’t fret about being unable to figure the games out.

This is great for people with hectic schedules as you’re free to challenge your friends’ high scores in your own free time. This benign, competitive fun gives way to plenty of opportunities for conversation starters.


Gamebot allows players to choose from three Telegram games that are focused on cerebral training.

If you’re looking for a game that trains your mental sharpness, try Lumberjack, where your speed and reflexes are put to the test. Put your mental calculation on trial by aceing at Math Battle and swiftly grading Math equations in flash time limit. Corsairs polishes your cognitive skills as you dodge from obstacles in record time as you progress through the levels.

Whether you’re playing this game on your own to train your mental acuity or you have intellectual friends who are up for some challenging games, we foresee this game bot sitting snugly on the top of your bucket list.


Last but not least, we have a role-playing multiplayer Telegram game that is a more pared-down version of Dungeons and Dragons. You are able to freely customise your own character, manage skill sets, and buff up items in your inventory. This Telegram game does not require much maintenance or coordination with your friends, so you are free to schedule your game time according to your existing lifestyle.

You can visit multiple places in this game, join clans, unlock storylines, and wage battles against other players from anywhere across the globe. The warrior that wins the battle acquires skill points that can be used for upgrades, further strengthening their playable character.


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Answer # 3 #

Use our how to play Uno Rules guide. We teach you the official Uno rules in quick simple steps.

Players: 2 to 10 | Game duration from: 25 mins | Game Complexity: EASY How to play UNO rules in simple steps UNO rules pdf / rulebook

When challenged, show the challenging player your hand. If you have a playable card in hand, you draw 4 Cards instead. If you don’t have a playable card, the challenging player must draw 4 Cards and 2 additional cards.

UNO rules for 2 players

Partner Rules – 4 players UNO

UNO Rules Challenge

Official Uno Rules Book PDF

Play Uno Online at

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