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How to safe at school?

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What do modern parents look for in the best CBSE school in Gurgaon? Academic excellence? Quality of the school’s organization and the facilities provided? More than these factors, the recent observations show that parents are more inclined towards the safety measures in school for students.

The current period with a challenging pandemic and the struggle to attend physical classes highlights how the schools can upgrade the best to assure them. Explore ahead what measures are the best schools like Pragyanam school are currently implementing to set a higher notch for security standards.

One security guard at the front gate is not enough to protect the entire school area. Low periphery walls or other entrances can lead to the escape of mischievous students or become an easy entry for the trespassers. Safety rules at school should consider the entire area and architectural design feasible for maintenance.

One security guard at the front gate is not enough to protect the entire school area. Low periphery walls or other entrances can lead to the escape of mischievous students or become an easy entry for the trespassers. Safety rules at school should consider the entire area and architectural design feasible for maintenance.

Barbed wires or glass chips are best around the walls. Guards should strictly allow the students to leave the compound only after school hours or with recognized guardians. Also, they shouldn’t allow any outsiders without prior permission.

Notorious students are not an exception even in the best CBSE school in Gurgaon, but the safety measures can be surely exceptional. Along with the outer security, the school building and corridors should have strict surveillance cameras. CCTVs should be well-functioning and constantly monitored by the safety cell.

Any fights, usage of dangerous items, indiscipline around the classrooms should be addressed and informed immediately. Authorities should monitor the school and classroom guidelines for both the teachers’ and students’ actions.

The top schools like Pragyanam school ensure school transportation facilities to avoid unguarded mishaps. Buses and vans are maintained by the school authorities to follow a definite commute track and only provide service to the school children.

According to basic school safety guidelines, proper vehicular maintenance is a must. Drivers should have valid licenses, and every motor should have internal surveillance cameras to check the activity along the route.

Students are most prone to accidents when infrastructure and equipment aren’t safe. Classroom guidelines are essential to teach proper usage of the equipment and practical tools provided to them. Authorities should also look out for broken and sharp furniture, broken window panes, or unsuitable sports equipment provided to the students.

Safety measures in school for students should also check the laboratory equipment used. Experiments involving heat and hazardous chemicals should be under teachers’ guidance, heavy-weights and electric circuits of physics laboratories should be under safety limits, and attendants should monitor the lab standards and appropriate storage without fail.

Safety measures don’t limit themselves to avoiding physical injuries. A clean and sanitized atmosphere is essential for proper concentration in the studies while spending time at the school. With the increasing awareness about social distancing and cleanliness, many are fast employing cleanliness policies in the school safety guidelines.

There should be periodic sanitation spraying drives, daily cleaning and sweeping of the grounds and the classrooms, proper maintenance of washrooms, and availability of dustbins at frequent places. Promoting a clean area improves the front representation and also reduces absenteeism and illness among the students.

One of the essential parts of education is teaching how to be safe at school. Students should be taught about proper behavior with seniors and juniors to avoid bullying and arrogant fights. Since accidents due to fire or electric short circuits are not predictable, they should be prepared to save themselves in an emergency.

Schools should conduct mock drills practically teaching the usage of fire extinguishers and exits without panicking. Emergency helpline numbers should also be available around different areas to report quickly.

Though safety measures are up to the mark, there are often many unnoticed issues the students face. There might be anyone facing mental abuse, or one might notice something which can lead to danger.

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Answer # 2 #

One of the most difficult truths about being a parent is that you can't always be around your child to protect and take care of him. So, when you drop your child off at school, you entrust his safety and care in the hands of teachers and the school staff.

While the onus is on schools to prevent unfortunate incidents from happening and provide a secure and nurturing ambiance, parents also need to teach their children to protect themselves as best as they can. They have to make sure that the children are aware of the possible dangers they may face at school without scaring them unduly.

Here are 10 safety rules at school that would keep the students from harm's way, from playground to classrooms and even the school bus.

Before you educate your child about the safety rules at school your child should follow, you must ensure that her school has adequate safety measures in place. Some of the safety rules that every school should implement include CCTV cameras on the campus, safe bus transport, proper medical facilities, proper monitoring of vulnerable areas like washrooms, efficient visitor management systems, and background verification of teachers and staff hired by the school. In fact, one of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) guidelines for schools is that non-teaching staff such as bus drivers, conductors, peons, cleaning, and other support staff be employed only from authorized agencies.

Parents must also find out whether the structure of the school building is safe and has proper provisions for fire safety. In addition, they should check if the school adheres to an anti-bullying policy and adopts measures to protect children from all forms of abuse. The school staff should be made aware of any health concerns the child may have, including allergies and emotional issues.

Following are some safety rules you must teach your child to follow at school:

Most injuries in school happen on the playground. This is a result of children either not following the school safety rules and engaging in unsafe behavior such as running on uneven surfaces, or due to faulty equipment. While it is the duty of the school to ensure playground safety for kids, the parents can also teach their children to be safe and responsible while playing.

Teaching your child proper classroom etiquette will go a long way in ensuring his safety as well as the safety of other students in the classroom. These include adhering to class safety rules, practicing good manners, and being responsible about the classroom equipment and furniture.

School bus safety is something which is taken very seriously by the authorities. However, you can yourself ensure whether the bus in which your child goes to school is adhering to proper safety guidelines.

You can also teach your child about the safety rules to follow while waiting for the bus or traveling in it. Here is more information for parents about ensuring school bus safety for their children.

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Answer # 3 #
  • Non- tolerance Policy for Bullying. Bullying should not be encouraged at any cost in schools.
  • Memorize Emergency Numbers.
  • Ensure School Buses Are Safe.
  • Be Careful Around Strangers.
  • Educate Students.
  • Inform Their Parents.
  • A Secure School Infrastructure.
  • Disciplinary Measures for Safety.
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