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How to set wps office as default in android?

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Your phone is a repository of multiple file types. There are several apps out there that are capable of opening a specific file type. However, since most of us use one default app for a specific purpose, it is essential that you choose the correct default app for that purpose.

While most of us have this sorted, there might be occasions when you accidentally set the wrong app as the default app. This usually happens when we are either distracted or when we are in a hurry.

A classic example of this is shown in the screenshot below, where users may select the "Always" option instead of "Just once" - often mistakenly.

In the steps below, we tell you how to reverse the mistake you made.

Either due to distraction or because at the moment a particular app seemed better, we often regret immediately selecting Always. Fret not; setting a default app to open a particular type of file is not a permanent contract: you can change your preferences at any time. Let's see how.

The first method to remove a default app is through the system settings. Follow these steps for Android 11. In this example, we want to change our default browser from Chrome to Opera.

What if you want to make a clean sweep of all the apps that start up automatically when opening certain files on the device? In such a scenario, you will need to use the 'reset app settings" opinion. Note that this will default all install apps to the state when they were freshly installed. In the case of games, this will mean a loss of progress on levels. You can, however, backup your game data before you go ahead with this procedure.

Anyway, this is how you do it.

Resetting the preferences of all apps will not only remove the automatic opening preferences but also all the other previously set options (deactivation, notification management, background data limits, etc.)

To have an overview of all the apps you have set as default, you can go to

Settings > Apps & notifications > Default apps and see all the apps selected as default for various file types and tasks.

Tyrese Fiske
Obstetrical Nursing

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