How to start a commodities trading company?


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How to Start Commodity Trading
  • Requirements to start trading. To start trading in commodities, one requires a Demat account just as they would require one to trade in shares or mutual funds on the stock market. .
  • Instruments of trade. Commodity trade can be done through a special form of an instrument called a commodity future. .
  • Types of contracts.



— There is lot of thing you need when you trading physical commodity. If afford all these then there are various things which you can trade physically.If you want to . 19 answers · 29 votes: Focus. You need to learn everything that is to be known about a specific product or market so . How to start commodity business - Quora 11 answers 28 Jan 2017 How to start trading physical commodities - Quora 12 answers 5 Sep 2014 How to start commodity trading - Quora 23 answers 12 Mar 2015 How would I go about starting a commodity trading . 14 answers 3 Aug 2018 More results from


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