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How to upgrade eos membership?

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Answer # 1 #

EOS fitness cancel membership methods are mentioned in the Terms and Conditions. The methods available to the current customer are not for the public. Both cancellation and refund policies differ from locality to locality.

Before canceling my EOS gym membership we must ensure to ascertain which of these methods are favorable to the locally situated fitness center.

The methods are as follows:

For EOS Fitness membership cancellation by this method then it is valid at the center where we did our registration.

The requirements for cancellation are:

Then we enquire to the staff as to when the contract on EOS membership will get canceled if we are eligible for a refund and the form in which the confirmation on membership cancellation will be forwarded.

In order to cancel the EOS gym membership through the mail, we need to follow the below stated procedure.

A mail needs to be sent with a ‘Notice on Cancellation’ signed and mentioned date which is to be addressed to the local gym.

The address where the mail is to be forwarded:

The other method to cancel gym membership EOS is through Email.

Send the email to its email ID address:

We need to send our email to the EOS Fitness gym service by emailing

Provide the Notice of Cancellation:

We must make sure to attach the notice of cancellation along with the email and specify the reason for the cancellation.

Include the Contact details:

All the contact details including name, address, and membership ID needs to be furnished so that the company may respond back easily.

To cancel my EOS membership by phone we need to have the EOS cancel membership number.

We need to visit the online page on the website of EOS Fitness in order to get the EOS Fitness cancel membership number of the local gym to directly contact the gym staff and talk about the cancellation of membership.

The answer to the confusion on ‘Can I cancel my EOS membership online’ is ‘No’. EOS Fitness does not avail any official website to cancel EOS membership online.

Thus, EOS Fitness’s cancel membership online is not permitted. But the members can use any of the methods mentioned above.

EOS gym cancel membership through the application of DoNotPay makes most of the cancellation process easy and within a few time.

Here are the steps described in order to cancel EOS membership through the DoNotPay app:

Go to the website of DoNotPay:

From the preferred web browser go to the online website of DoNotPay for canceling the membership.

Click on the ‘Find Hidden Money tab:

Next, select the tab on ‘Find Hidden Money.

Enter the service name:

Now, type the name of the service as ‘EOS Fitness’ on which you want the subscription to end.

Wait a while for the response by DoNotPay:

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Answer # 2 #

Membership cancellation at EOS gym is straightforward You can cancel your membership either in person, by email, or by phone To cancel EOS membership in person, visit the EOS fitness center where you have registered, ask the branch manager or support staff, they will make further arrangements

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Answer # 3 #

Here we will describe the theme on 'How to cancel EOS Fitness membership ' along with the methods available that are provided by the gym company How To Cancel

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Answer # 4 #

All membership changes are done at the facility Just stop at the front desk and inform them that you would like to upgrade your membership

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Answer # 5 #

Yes, EOS Fitness has showers. Along with it, they provide cardio and weight training equipment, locker rooms.

Yes, EOS Fitness has an indoor basketball court. They also have a backyard outdoor workout area to do other gym stuff.

Yes, they provide pools where you can enjoy in summers after a workout session.

Most pools at EOS Fitness, are 7 feet in depth.

Let’s talk about length. At EOS Fitness where I actually visited, the pool was 65 feet and 8 inches, or you can say it is exactly 20m (in yards, it is 21.8m). But length at EOS Fitness may vary location by location.

If you are looking to purify your body, improve circulation or simply want to relax your body, they have steam room for that.

For more information about EOS Fitness Membership Costs, visit this link.

The annual fee at EOS Fitness depends on the type of membership plan you select. They have 3 Membership plans- Gray, Blue, and Black Membership costs $49.99 annually (It doesn’t include a startup fee).

EOS Blue Membership includes Access to Multiple Fitness locations, Unlimited group and water fitness classes, and a lot of other fitness amenities.

Multiple fitness locations, Recovery room with massage chairs, and unlimited guest privileges, cardio and weight training equipment, locker rooms, and showers.

The upgrade option is available for all types of membership. Members that currently have the Black Card membership can upgrade for as low as $2/mo.

Guests are not allowed directly. They can visit when you do.

Yes, EOS Fitness welcomes everyone and allows them to enjoy amenities at EOS fitness for 7 Days Free. You can visit this link to get a 7-day free trial.

Yes, they do check the ID of the guest with you. So make sure your friend/guest always carries the ID.

Yes, Guests can visit EOS Fitness with those who have already have a membership. They need to show an ID at EOS Fitness.

Membership cancellation at EOS gym is straightforward. You can cancel your membership either in person, by email, or by phone. To cancel EOS membership in person, visit the EOS fitness center where you have registered, ask the branch manager or support staff, they will make further arrangements.

It is very simple. Get the email/phone number of the EOS Fitness where you registered with. Make a call or email them to cancel the contract. You may be asked to provide some more information. Or you can do this by visiting the branch manager personally.

No, they don’t have such discounts for the military or any other persons.

You must be at least 16 years old to work out at EOS Fitness.  Those who are between 13-15 must join under Parental guidance.

Guests must be 18 Years older to enjoy amenities and facilities at EOS Fitness.

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