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how to use jsbarcode?

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Answer # 1 #

JsBarcode is a barcode generator written in JavaScript. It supports multiple barcode formats and works in browsers and with Node.js. It has no dependencies when it is used for the web but works with jQuery if you are into that.




Use any jsbarcode-* or data-* as attributes where * is any option.

And then initialize it with:


Pass in an object which will be filled with data.

data will be filled with a encodings property which has all the needed values. See wiki for an example of what data looks like.

Download or get the CDN link to the script:

Include the script in your code:

You are done! Go generate some barcodes :smile:

You can also use Bower or npm to install and manage the library.

For information about how to use the options, see the wiki page.

We ❤️ contributions and feedback.

If you want to contribute, please check out the file.

If you have any question or suggestion create an issue or ask about it in the gitter chat.

Bug reports should always be done with a new issue.

Author: lindellSource Code: License: MIT license

#javascript #barcode #node #es6

Patty Wickersham
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Answer # 2 #
  • First, create an object of BarcodeGenerator class and set the barcode's type in its constructor, e.g. EncodeTypes. CODE_128.
  • Set barcode's text using BarcodeGenerator. setCodeText(string) method.
  • Finally, generate the barcode's image using BarcodeGenerator. save(string, string) method.
Betts Zeenat
Answer # 3 #

Some basic javascript has been used to create this simple barcode generator. If you know basic html css and javascript then you can create this javascript barcode. Watch the live preview to learn how it works.

I have already shared a tutorial on how to create a javascript barcode scanner. Now is the time to create a javascript barcode scanner using JavaScript.

Bar code can be used to convert any data into visual or machine-readable form. Barcodes are now used in many places to turn a particular information into a machine-readable form.

Here I have added the basic information of this Simple Barcode Generator using html. It is then designed using css. Finally the html barcode generator has been activated by JavaScript.

The following information has been added to this barcode generator using html. Copy the following html code and add it to your html file.

Now is the time to design this html barcode generator using some amount of css. Here's all the css together. Copy those codes and add them to your css file.

Zac Cardone
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