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is efw renewable energy?

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Since plants that are not strictly renewable energy producers take advantage of the energy potential of waste, they do not generate additional greenhouse gas emissions. They can be considered unlimited energy producers because of the high amount of waste generated in the world. They are an effective alternative on the way to sustainable living.

The high volume of waste generated by our societies is a growing problem. The European Commission predicts that we will consume as much as we had three planets by the year 2050, and that there will be a 70% increase in waste that year.

The need to find new energy sources that are more efficient and less polluting has become a major priority. In this context, the best alternative is to use technologies such as gasification or anaerobic digestion, which can be used to generate electricity, heat and fuel.

Methods that are more sustainable are the ones that are used to dispose of waste.

There are many ways to make energy from waste.

Depending on the type of waste to be treated, the environmental conditions, or the desired final product, energy-from-Waste plants can use different technologies. The technology is divided into two types.

The European Union wants to give the Circular Economy an impulse by betting on the energy use of waste. The European Green Deal for sustainable growth aims to encourage responsible consumption and keep the resources used in the EU economy for as long as possible.

The European Commission's Circular Economy Action Plan aims to guarantee that less waste is generated and create an internal market for high-end secondary raw materials.

Waste management in the EU varies between member countries. In southern Europe, Spain sends more than half of its waste to landfills, while the neighbors to the north do not.

The group that establishes the model to follow is made up of Sweden,Denmark or Belgium, and they all have the same goal: to recycle and recover energy.

We have to be able to develop and apply the techniques that allow us to reduce the negative impact of waste.

Anaerobic digestion makes it possible to convert waste into gaseous fuel and digestate.

Anjali Denton
Running Crew

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