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Is it cheaper to buy a Mac from the USA than India?

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Answer # 1 #

It's cheaper to buy a Mac from the USA than it is in India.You can look at the prices on Apple's website.Unless you have to pay custom duties.It can be more expensive if you have to pay custom duty.

If you have purchased it in the US and brought it to India, you should always open the box.

Brid Hagy
Answer # 2 #

I don't know much about India, but electronics are more expensive there than in the US.In some countries, import tax on electronics can be as high as 30%.The shipping and maintenance costs need to be taken into account by third party distributers.

Mahira Lamkin
Answer # 3 #

If you don't have to go through the Costums, it's cheaper to get it from US.I recommend you to purchase one from India.If you want a configured one, I recommend buying it from US itself.

Najee Seaton
Research Fellow
Answer # 4 #

Yes, it is cheaper.Every year in India, when Apple launches a new product, the prices of the previous model are higher than the new model.This is how it works in India, but not with the US.The launch price in the US stays the same every year.To charge the same in India, you only need an universal power adapter.I am not aware of the warranty on these books.

Ayan Vashisth

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