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Is North Koreans allowed to travel outside their country?Why wouldn't it be, if not?

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Answer # 1 #

Kim Jung Un does not want to be alone in North Korea with his family.

Elvin Lunt
Answer # 2 #

Some North Koreans travel to the country.There were many North Koreans on my plane from Beijing to North Korea.In the west, we tend to exaggerate and demonize everything about the Democratic People's Republic of Korea just as we do with anyone we plan on destroying.When the US told us about Saddam Hussein yanking babies out of incubators, I remember.The gullible public is once again buying it, because our focus is on the DPRK.We don't seem to learn and are sheep-like mentally.

Stiles Rothwell
Technical Director
Answer # 3 #

Not of their will.There are a lot of North Koreans working in the Middle East, but their wages are sent back to North Korea and they are monitored while living outside of the country.There are several Korean Restaurants in Cambodia where a band of super hot North Korean women play music for the patrons.At the Olympics, they have a cheering squad that is heavily monitored and supervised.

Noor Garewal,

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