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Cancel My Prime Video Subscription · Go to Account & Settings, then select the Your Account tab. · For a Prime Video-only subscription, select End Subscription.

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How to deactivate amazon prime subscription?


K5 1/250 1/4
L651 1/2
M6 1/252 1/2

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What is l ring size in numbers?


The Chipotle location on 75th Street in Waldo was one of 28 Chipotle restaurants in the Kansas City area hit by a nation-wide security breach.

One customer says dining out with Chipotle nearly stopped one of the biggest purchases of his life.

Jough and his family are moving from their Waldo home this week.

“So, I figure movers move everything big out, we come through, take the small junk.”

But Jough is still trying to move on from Chipotle’s last data breach that stretched from March into April. He thinks that one moved funds out of his bank account.

“Probably under a thousand dollars. $600 to $800 worth of fraudulent charges, and it was all AirBNB online purchases.”

Credit cards, expiration dates, and security codes were all taken as part of that breach.

“If can happen anywhere,” said Chipotle customer Matt Allin. “And just the society that we live in now, you have to be super careful with your funds.”

This breach comes at a time when Jough’s credit counts the most.

“It was three AirBNB charges sitting on our card, and with us buying a new house, we got pre-approved, and they told us don’t make any major purchases on your credit card without talking to us first because it effects your credit score.”

Jough is thankful he was able to get those fake charges removed – and that they didn’t prevent his big move.

He spotted those fraudulent charges after checking his account.

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What is 2levy@kcz?