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The Karambit variant is probably the most popular choice regarding knife skins in the game. Reaver Karambit went live a few days back and can be easily dubbed the most popular Karambit in the game. Riot will also add a new Butterfly knife skin to the game.

This Butterfly knife skin is part of the Valorant Champions 2022 bundle. Although it hasn't arrived in-game yet, Riot will add it to the in-game store in the next few days. Like other knife skins in the game, the Champions 2022 Butterfly Knife isn't the only Butterfly Knife in the game.

This article will explore which of the three available Butterfly Knife skins is the best in Valorant.

Note: This article reflects the opinions of the writer

Out of the three Butterfly Knife skins in Valorant, two are already in the game, while one is yet to make it to the store. The names of the skins are as follows:

All three skins are unique in their own way. The ranking here is based upon the overall design of the skin and the animations associated with it.

The Recon series Butterfly Knife was introduced as a part of the Recon bundle back in 2021. Overall, this skin is very simple. It does not have any glowing parts. Moreover, the VFX is very simple as well. There are no flashy colors or glowing parts.

There are color variants that players need to unlock using Radiante Points. The color variants appear in a military camouflage style.

The RGX 11z Pro Butterfly Knife is a cooler-looking Butterfly Knife when compared to the Recon Butterfly Knife. This comes in different color variants as well. Unlike the Recon skin, the RGX 11z Pro Butterfly Knife has a glow associated with it. Different glow schemes can be unlocked by using Radianite Points in Valorant.

The VFX for this skin also features a glow around the blades. However, the glow keeps changing colors after the VFX feature is unlocked using Radianite Points. Since it looks more colorful, the RGX 11z Pro Butterfly Knife secures the second spot on this list.

The Champions 2022 Butterfly Knife is probably the best-looking knife in the game. Since this item is part of the Champions 2022 bundle, it has a red, black, and gold color scheme.

Moreover, this knife has three different levels. The first level is the base level. The second level can be unlocked using Radianite Points in Valorant. At the second level, the knife gains interesting new looping animations. The third level unlocks the Champions Aura for this weapon.

The Champions Aura has three separate animations. They are as follows:

Given that the Champions 2022 Butterfly Knife has the most detailed animations compared to the other two on this list, seeing it at the top shouldn't surprise the fans.

The Valorant Champions 2022 bundle is set to go live in-game from August 23. The entire bundle will be priced at 6265 VP and will contain the following items:

With Valorant Champions 2022 right around the corner, it will be interesting to see which team comes out on top at the end of the tournament.

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