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Select a sample Hold down the "Option" key on a Mac or the "Alt" key on a PC Click on a portion of the face that does not have hair To increase or decrease

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How to erase mustache in photoshop?


Plants are nature’s gift as they are beneficial for us in many ways.

Plants play a significant role in our lives. Without plants, there would be no more life existing on planet earth.

There are around three to four lakh identified plant species, and this list is still increasing.

They provide us with a variety of things to fulfil our daily requirements, including food to eat, air to breathe, clothes to cover our body, wood, medicine, shelter, and many products for human benefit. Plants are the primary producers, and all other living organisms on this planet depend on plants.

The ecosystem we live in is mainly composed of biotic and abiotic components.

Biotic components are primarily composed of flora and fauna. The word flora refers to plants, and fauna is all about the animals and their life. The abiotic features mainly include rocks, mountains, water bodies, etc.

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There are more than 400,000 species of plants on this planet, and all play an essential role in supporting life on earth. This is done by maintaining the quality of the atmosphere by releasing oxygen into the atmosphere, absorbing carbon dioxide, and a lot more.

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We have found a massive number of plants that are useful in our day to day lives. Plants are more intelligent than we think. Here we have many more details about plants that you might not be aware of.

Let us know more about how plants play an essential role in human life.

Plants are essential for human nutrition. Numerous plants and trees on this planet provide us with vegetables, fruits, seeds, species, essence, edible oils, beverages, and other food products.

Plants are a great source of medicine. According to modern history, many life-threatening diseases were cured by preparing pastes from roots, herbs, barks, and different plants’ leaves. Aspirin, sandalwood, basil leaves, clove oil, and cinchona are a few examples of medicinal plants used even today in many pharmaceutical industries.

Besides food and medicines, plants and trees play an essential role in industries. Many raw materials are obtained by plants and giant trees used to produce various industrial products, including paper, spices, cosmetics, pencils, rubber, furniture, and other household products. Perfumes and other essential oils are extracted from different parts of a flower and seeds.

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Plants benefit us by reducing both physiological and psychological stress, such as:

Other importance of plants include:

Also Refer: Sources of food.

A single plant comprises roots, stem, leaves, flowers, fruits and seeds. All these parts of plants are beneficial to humans in several ways.

For instance: Coconut tree.

This tree is generally known as the kalpavriksha or tree of life, as every part of this tree is helpful for humans.

Like coconut trees, many herbs, shrubs, and trees play an essential role in human life.

This article concludes with the importance of plants to humans. To know more about plants, plant kingdom, different types of plants, their parts, other related topics and important questions on the importance of plants, keep visiting our website, at BYJU’S Biology.

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What are important to a plant?


Unrealistic Body Image Expectations Our self-image is definitely being affected · Creating an Unnecessary Need Most ads out there push products

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Why ads are bad?


The last two weeks of September is usually the best time to find the best fall leaves in Utah's mountains Leaves may be mostly green in the valleys, but fall colors typically peak around the third week of September in scenic canyons and on hiking trails

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How to know best time to see fall colors in Utah?


So why exactly do you need Python environments? virtualenv (a tool for creating isolated environments); Conda (a package and environment

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How to create a virtual environment python conda (Python Programing Language)


Uninsured undocumented immigrants are ineligible for coverage options due to their immigration status. In the absence of coverage, they remain reliant on safety net clinics and hospitals for care and often go without needed care.

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Where can undocumented immigrants go for health care?