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Its not truly applicable in a game like Overwatch if you ask me. Thats usually a term you use in games like WoW where you need to press TONS of buttons in a short period of time.

APM is similar to WPM in the sense that it usually is something that relies on how fast you’re able to press buttons. This is really hard to train because some people similar lack the motorskills necessary. You can check your reaction times and WPM on various websites. Just search ‘reaction time test’ or ‘WPM test’.



Stupid Decisions:

Freezing Up:

Overwhelmed: Overall the reason the above three things happen is because you’re overwhelmed. I used to have the exact same problem. I’d say the answer is to simply care less. That might sound weird but you probably are putting waaaay too much on your plate. You have a team, so you don’t need to worry about doing everything yourself. Especially in RQ where you’re always guaranteed 2-2-2.

If you’re playing Ana and your whole team is critical, you COULD panic and try healing everyone while the enemy tracer dives you. OR … you could hop into the middle of your team and nade everyone including yourself and ask for backup. Not only do you solve the ‘all teammates are critical’ problem, but you are likely going to scare the enemy flanker off.

Caring less is a huge part of all this. Care/worry less about dying early in the fight. I’m not saying feed, but just breathe… Almost every mistake can be corrected with a good decision afterwards. But panicking and freezing up over a mistake or a bunch of things (like ults or abilities popping up over the fight) will cause a series of mistakes afterwards. So just do what you can in the moment. If you’re only able to shoot the person in front of you, just do that.

Over time you’ll slowly be more relaxed while you play. You won’t freeze up as much. And you’ll likely get angry/tilted less too. Then you’ll find that your other problems slowly fade away too.


What I Did:

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How to improve your apm?


Car insurance quotes refer to the premium quotes at which car insurance plans are available A car insurance price depends on various factors such as car's make, model, variant, engine capacity, RTO location, etc

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What's a car insurance quote?


BEST VIVO PHONES · Vivo X70 Pro+ · Vivo X60 Pro+ · Vivo X50 Pro · Vivo X60 Pro · Vivo V20 SE · Vivo V20 · Vivo V20 Pro · Vivo X50

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Which vivo phone is best?


In the West, the number 13 brings bad luck, but in Asian countries like China, the number 4 is considered highly unlikely.

What is the reason? The number 4 is synonymous with death in Chinese.

Many buildings in China do not have a fourth floor. The number 9 is not considered unlucky. In China, the number 9 is considered lucky because it brings harmony and helps to create a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.

What does this mean for the iPhone 9?

Any is acceptable. I wanted to make an interesting introduction. When you're reading up on technology, a good helping of numerology is more interesting.

Let's talk about why the iPhone 9 didn't happen.

We're left to speculate as to why Apple didn't release the iPhone 9, since it hasn't revealed why.

There has never been a new version of the phone. After the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus, Apple never released a product called the iPhone 9.

And the reason for this? It was the tenth anniversary of the launch of the iPhone. The number 10 was dropped and replaced with the Roman numeral "X", which means "9" in this case.

It was the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, and that's one of the reasons why Apple skipped the iPhone 9 and moved directly to the iPhone X.

There could be other reasons for the change. We will get to this in a minute. It's worth noting that Apple is very secretive about how and why it does things, which is why there's so much confusion about what happened to the iPhone 9.

It always breeds speculation.

When the iPhone 9 was released, we assumed it would be called the iPhone 9, but it was actually the 10th birthday. When the tenth anniversary of the iPhone rolled around, Apple was a year off its numbering. Apple executives decided to skip the iPhone 10 and go straight to the iPhone X: X stands for 10, it's a Roman numeral.

The 10th anniversary of the iPhone was tied to this. The 10th year of the phone was called the 10. Apple made sure that the 10th iPhone was special too. The first phone to break the $10 mark was the iPhone X, it had no home button, and it looked completely different than the other phones.

It would have felt a little weak to call the iPhone X iPhone 9.

The phone was so different that it almost had a new naming convention. It was the birthday of the iPhone, and the phone itself was a major change in the design and function of the phone, which is why Apple decided to release the iPhone X instead of the iPhone 9.

The difference between the iPhone X and what came before it was very different. The home button was replaced by a notch. Hundreds of millions of this style of iPhone have already been sold, so we take the design of the iPhone for granted.

The iPhone X was a big deal for Apple and its users.

Apple plays it safe with its phones. The phone is your main source of income.

It likes to make a lot of noise about the changes it makes. The way Apple priced its phones was changed by the iPhone X.

The first phone to break the $1,000 mark was the iPhone X. Apple needed the phone to be different to get customers to pay less for it.

It needed something unique to sell to its users. The new design and branding of the iPhone X was what was needed to get people used to the new, more expensive type of phone.

The price increases on the Android phones are directly related to the iPhone X. After its release, almost all the major phone makers started pricing their flagship phones at the $1000 mark.

The reason phones are more expensive is because of inflation. Thank you, Apple!

If you're going to ask people to pay a lot of money for a phone, you're going to have to convince people.

The iPhone X was a phone that completely changed the look, feel, and function of the phone more or less overnight.

It's changed a lot of things about the iPhone, from how you interact with the app to how you pay for products. If you wanted a new iPhone in 2017, you had to shell out a lot of money. Thanks to the success of Apple's iPhone X launch, a lot of people did too.

It wouldn't have had the same impact if Apple had called it the iPhone X.

Nine doesn't have the same visual punch as the X brand. Apple knew this and decided to skip the iPhone 9 in favor of the iPhone X.

The letter "X" is one of the most sexy letters. It usually means change or something else. Sex and treasure are some of the things that come to mind when you think of the letter X.

X stands for Christ and is a symbol for crossing over into another dimensions.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the reason the iPhone 9 never existed...

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Why did iphone 9 get skipped?