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Fast data access (FDA) is a protocol which is accessible in the environments of SAP ABAP. It allows for the submission of open SQL SELECTs against SAP HANA, making the use of the data format of SAP ABAP. Here, the transfer of a SAP ABAP table to the database and back takes place. This method of approach does away with the requirement for field-wise copying and conversion of data.

The main advantage of FDA is that eliminating conversion overhead can lead to lesser resource utilization and enhanced performance.

FDA has been available from the start SAP ABAP kernel 7.42. When it comes to FOR ALL ENTRIES statements, FDA can be used with SAP ABAP kernel 7.43 and higher variations.

SQL: "HANA_Configuration_MiniChecks" (SAP Docs 1969700, 1999993) returns a prospectively critical issue (C = 'X') for one of the individual checks listed below:

A number of parameters are available for the configuration of fast data access, as listed below. It is important to know that any divergence from the default should only be applied in case of a specific problem scenario, for example based on the advice of SAP support or on the basis of the guidelines that are given in a SAP Doc.

The following problems exist in the fast data access area:

The SQL statements that originate from FDA requests are tagged with a comment which is included in the SQL text and can be located in traces (e.g. ST05) or the SAP HANA SQL cache (e.g. transaction DBACOCKPIT or SAP HANA Studio):

For example:

SELECT /* FDA READ */ * FROM "DD03K" WHERE "TABNAME" = ?SELECT /* FDA WRITE */ DISTINCT  "T100" . "ARBGB" , "T100" . "MSGNR" , "T100" . "SPRSL" , "T100" . "TEXT" FROM "T100" , ? AS "t_00" (C_0 NVARCHAR(3), C_1 NVARCHAR(20)) WHERE "T100" . "MSGNR" = "t_00" . "C_0" AND "T100" . "ARBGB" = "t_00" . "C_1" AND "T100" . "SPRSL" IN ( ? , ? , ? )

On the basis of these tags you can filter the executed FDA SQL statements for example using SQL:

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How to disable fda in hana?


Curious to know how to prepare the ARD section for NABARD Grade A? Follow the key tips for the preparation of the Agriculture and Rural

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How to prepare ard for nabard?


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How to abc live?


Australia's highly restrictive planning laws and lack of development opportunities due to sub-optimal land use zoning (I'm looking at you, NSW)

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Why did kaufland pull out of australia?


RSA SecurID Software Token for Android · 1 On your computer go to https://fixtokenupscom/ · 2 Select the link UPS SecurID Self Service Site · 3 Click on

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How do i get an rsa token on my phone?


Around 300 BC, the region was the settlement of a Celtic tribe, the Bituriges Vivisci, named the town Burdigala, probably of Aquitanian origin In 107 BC, the

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When was bordeaux founded?