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The Middle Tennessee State Blue Raiders athletic program is a member of the NCAA FBS Conference USA, with the football team playing their home games at Johnny "Red" Floyd Stadium in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. The Blue Raiders are currently coached by Rick Stockstill.

The nickname of the Middle Tennessee male athletic teams is the Blue Raiders. Female teams are known as the Lady Raiders. The nickname's origin goes back to a 1934 newspaper contest. An MTSU football player, Charles Sarver, won $5 from Murfreesboro's The Daily News Journal with his winning entry "Blue Raiders", which he later admitted borrowing from Colgate University, whose teams were known as "Red Raiders" at the time. No official nickname existed prior to 1934, when teams were called "Normalites", "Teachers", and "Pedagogues".

MTSU is represented by the colors white and royal blue, described as PMS 301 by the university.

Lightning is the mascot of both the Middle Tennessee men and women's sports teams.

MTSU appeared twice in the Tangerine Bowl (now the Capital One Bowl). The first game, played January 1, 1960, against Presbyterian College, resulted in a 21-12 win. The second game, against Lamar University on December 29, 1961, was a 21-14 loss.

The Blue Raiders were invited to the Motor City Bowl in 2006 after a shared conference title with Troy University. Troy had won the conference with a tie-breaker, but MTSU was invited due to the Big Ten having two teams in the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) and thus being unable to fulfill their bowl contract for the Motor City Bowl. MTSU played Central Michigan University in the game and were defeated 31-14.

MTSU finished the 2009 regular season with a 9-3 record and was invited to play in the R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl on December 20, 2009. The team played against the University of Southern Mississippi, defeating them 42-32. This was MTSU's second bowl game and first bowl win since joining the Division I FBS. Quarterback Dwight Dasher was named as the game's MVP after rushing and passing for two touchdowns each.

MTSU was defeated in the 2011 Bowl in Mobile, Alabama by the Miami University RedHawks.

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why is mtsu called the blue raiders?


According to legend, the city was named for Raja Dhilu , a king who reigned in the region in the 1st century bce The names by which the city has been known—including Delhi, Dehli, Dilli, and Dhilli, among others—likely are corruptions of his name

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What is new delhi named after?


Swelling and engorgement of tissues related to the reproductive system under estrogen influence are normal.

In the differential diagnosis we must include vaginal neoplasms and vaginal prolapse where the entire wall is affected.

During proestrus, vaginal hyperplasia begins and increases throughout estrus. Ovariohysterectomy is the treatment of choice because it tends to reappear each estrus.

Vaginal floor problems.

You have to keep it clean to prevent it from being cut. It is necessary to put on an Elizabethan collar to prevent injuries from licking. After the heat has passed, this condition is overcome.

If you want to prevent this from happening again in the next heat, you need to have a surgical approach.

There is a mass in the vaginal area. It is similar to tissues filled with fluid. Normal urination can be stopped if it is severe. Female dogs of all ages can be affected by vaginal hyperplasia. The result is positive for most animals.

There is a slight bulge in the uterus that does not come out. When the vaginal tissue protrudes through the opening of the vagina, it's called type 2 hyperplasia.

The donut-shaped mass can be seen on the outside, which is what type 3 hyperplasia refers to.

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How to heal dog uterine prolapse at home?