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At the end of a discovery, the team should come together, agree on the top things it found out, and use this knowledge to frame design challenges. To prevent individuals from suggesting their pet solutions, which might have little resemblance to the problems found, construct How might we questions that frame the problem(s) for ideation.

A How might we (HMW) question can generate lots of creative ideas. Here are some examples of How might we questions:

The How might we template was first introduced by Procter & Gamble in the 1970s and adopted by IDEO. The technique has become popular in design thinking and is used by design teams worldwide.

While writing HMW questions seems straightforward, there’s slightly more than meets the eye. The better you write them, the better the ideas that they prompt.

Some teams generate HMWs that are not specific to what they’ve learned. For example, How might we improve the user experience of the product? is not specific to what you might have uncovered in your discovery research. This question can result in ideas that don’t address the root problems and the insights you uncovered.

Once you and your team have carried out your discovery research, agree on what the top findings were. Use these to craft HMW questions, as in the example below.

It can be easy to limit your thinking and embed solutions in your HMW questions. But doing so restricts the pool of possibilities, and fewer ideas are generated. In the example below, the first HMW suggests a particular type of solution, whereas the second is agnostic about any particular solution.

The problem with the first HMW question is that only solutions related to communication will be generated. With the second HMW, further possibilities could be generated such as filing taxes automatically for users or removing multiple forms and only having one form that presents users with tailored questions based on the user’s responses.

When writing HMW questions, ask yourself if you could rewrite them in a broader way? The broader the HMW, the more ideas can be generated.

Although we want HMWs to be broad, make sure not to go too broad that you lose sight of the problem you’re trying to solve. For example, How might we redesign the submission-drafting process? would be too broad.

To avoid solving symptoms of the problems rather than the root problems themselves, ask yourself whether your HMW question focuses on the desired outcome. In the example below, the first HMW question loses sight of what we really want to achieve.

While it’s true that we want to cut costs for unnecessary contact, the high cost is a symptom of the root problem (users are unsure about the application process, and therefore call us). We really want to solve the problem of why users are calling us, which the second HMW question addresses. The desired outcome of our design efforts should be increased user confidence in the application process.

Another problem with the first HMW question is that it can result in a solution like making the contact number on the website harder to find, rather than creative solutions that increase user confidence.

In a similar vein to point 4, stating your HMW questions positively can generate more ideas and also encourage creativity.

If you find yourself using negative verbs like ‘reduce,’ ‘remove,’ ‘prevent,’ ask yourself if you can frame things more positively by using positive action verbs, like ‘increase,’ ‘create,’ ‘enhance,’ ‘promote’ and so on.

Spend time with your team writing and selecting your HMWs before you begin ideating. You can have everyone contribute an HMW; then go through the following checklist to select or improve the best version:

There’s no limit on how many HMW questions you should produce. The more you have, the more ideas you’ll garner. If you find yourself with too many, ask yourself whether there is any overlap between them and see if you can combine some into one broader HMW. The other alternative is to prioritize your HMWs in terms of their impact on the project’s success.

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How to write hmw statements?


To get pre - approved you'll need proof of assets and income, good credit, employment verification, and

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How long does pre approval for home loan take?


2018 was a "fallow year”, and the following festival took place from 26 to 30 June 2019 There have been two consecutive "fallow years” since then due to the

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Why glastonbury cancelled 2018?


When I try to add a contact through the Google Contacts web interface I get the "Trouble Creating New Contact " I also get an error trying

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Why can't i create new contacts?


As the name suggests, a comprehensive insurance policy offers complete protection to both the parties involved in an accident So, the damages to self, car , as

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When to use comprehensive car insurance?


  1. #1. Disable Windows Store.
  2. #2. Extend Virtual Memory.
  3. #3. Check and Clean Disk Internal Error.
  4. #4. Change Value of AppXSVC in Registry.
  5. #5. Scan Your Computer to Check Virus.
  6. #6. Troubleshoot in Clean Boot State.

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How to fix wsappx high cpu usage?


Once you purchase your tickets, then you can make your park reservations. If you have a room-only reservation at a Disney Resort or other select hotel, please call the Disney Reservation Center or call your travel professional to upgrade to a vacation package with tickets—and then make your theme park reservations.

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How to book wdw park reservations?


The dualsense of the PS4 is not supported. Many users tried to connect the new controller to the PS4 when they took their new console out of the box. It was a failure. It was not possible to connect the cable directly or use the technology of the other.

Sony doesn't have official support. The decision by the Japanese is not going to change in the future.

What is this? They have thought about not making users dizzy and complicating life. The Play 5 controller has a number of functions.

Sony doesn't need to confuse the user when playing. Basic support from the company would have been great. There is not much difference between the two consoles, even though they are different controls.

And backward? What if we had a collection of dualshock 4s that were fully customized and limited edition? Will my old controllers work on the new PS5? The answer has a yes and a lot of buts.

The Ps4 controller can be connected to a PS5 without any issues, but don't play God of War: Ragnarok with it.

The PS5 games and version will not be compatible with the dualshock 4 since they use the exclusive features of dualsense.

The only way to use the PS4 controller on PS5 is to play PS4 games on the console, which will create a level playing field between the game and the controller hardware.

Those who shout to the four winds in defense of backward compatibility will get these limitations. The real utility of Sony's new console is far from the definition of backward compatibility that many could have in their heads.

We can't applaud all the improvements of the dualsense and then want to use a dual shock 4 with a worn stick, that's the reality. Do you think so?

As you read it. It can be done, but official compatibility is not. Don't worry, you don't have to modify your console at all. You can choose the one that interests you the most from the many methods. All of these methods work with PS4 Pro.

We will start with the free methods, and end the post with the different connection devices that you can buy to connect your dualsense to the PS4. Go for it.

You can control your PS4 and PS5 with PS Remote Play, it's a program that you can use on Windows PC, Mac, or even PS Vita. It is not the most comfortable thing in the world, since you will have to connect the dualsense to one of these devices, which will act as a bridge to the PS4.

If a friend comes over and we want to play a game on PS4 we can use this method.

Those are the steps to follow.

The method may be a bit disappointing if you have a home connection, as there is a chance that there will be a slight delay between pressing on your controller and the action on the screen. It's a free solution that can be useful if we need it.

If you like action games or games that require reflexes, then this is not the most effective method. The following method is valid for both those games and those played online.

There are specific devices that allow you to connect all kinds of controllers to your console, but not many people know about it. There are many different models. They work through the console's port. The device is in charge of receiving the signal from a controller that is not compatible with the console. These are the best devices we have.

The Titan Two is one of the best. The device is not cheap, but it allows you to connect the PS5 controller to the PS4 via cable or wireless.

This method offers full compatibility without any problems. It's not cheap, but it's compatible with almost every console we know of, so you can pay for it in the long run.

You can use the dualsense on PS4 and switch to the xbox one to play with both controllers, for example.

It allows you to connect a mouse and a keyboard to your PS1, and that is one of the advantages. In some games, the controller is a disadvantage compared to the keyboard, so you will be able to cheat a bit.

It is up to you to use this to do evil, and you should take into account that you could be banned from some games if you use this in a way that is illegal.

The dualsense can be connected to the PS4 without any issues. The device is interesting because the manufacturer is constantly updating it.

This gagdet was already on sale when dualsense went on the market, getting the long-awaited backward compatibility during the first months of the launch of PS 5 thanks to a firmware update uploaded to their website.

The PS5 controller can be connected to other consoles such as the Nintendo Switch.

It costs 30 euro and the connection is done via wireless, so you don't have to worry about cables. Mayflash maintains its rate of updates over time, which is one of the advantages of this model.

If Sony decided to cut the compatibility of these models, it is possible that the brand could update the device's software to circumvent the limitation.

The original Magic is an alternate version. It offers new compatibility with older consoles, but it still maintains compatibility with the dualsense and the PS4. If you want to use the PS5 controller on your previous generation console, the 30 euro dongle is a good investment.

This is a cheaper alternative to connecting the PS4 to the dualsense. This model can be used on consoles like the Nintendo Switch.

The model can be used directly through the port on the PS4 and other consoles, but you will have to use the OTG accessory in the pack. The Coov DS50 is compatible with all PS4s that retain the functions of the PS controller, but we will not be able to use native dualsense features on the PS4. This alternative is not bad if the price of Magic is too much for you. The community behind the other device is likely to have updates and compatibility with new consoles for a long time, which is why the Magic is likely to be declined.

The Coov DS50 can be found under a lot of brands such as AKNES, Uniquelove, Triamisus, Gool RC or Haowen. They are usually the same device, so you might want to go for the cheapest one.

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How to cut ps5 off with controller?


  1. Take small quantity of food grains in a glass plate.
  2. Examine the impurities visually.
  3. Dhatura seeds which are flat with edges and blackish brown in colour can be separated out by close examination.
  4. Impurities are observed visually in adulterated food grains.

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How to identify adulteration in food items?