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Dr. Krau can help with a lot of aesthetic and functional problems within the nose.

If you have trouble breathing through your nose due to its irregular structure, or if you notice something strange about your nose, then you may be a candidate for a nose job.

You have to be in good physical and psychological health and not smoke before surgery. It is important that you have reasonable expectations of the surgery and that you are not looking for a perfect surgery.

Patients with reasonable expectations are the most satisfied with the results. During your consultation, Dr. Krau will help you set realistic surgical goals. chin augmentation may be an option to help him achieve his goals.

The objectives of the consultation are several. Dr. Krau will perform a physical examination of his nose to look at factors such as thickness and elasticity.

He will be asked to identify what he doesn't like about his nose, and then talk about his ideal result.

Dr. Krau will begin to think about your rhinoplasty and the desired results based on this information. This is one of the stages that Dr. Krau likes the most. He says he likes to design a nose that fights for the best result for his patient.

Dr. Krau can show you how your nose will look after surgery. It is useful for Dr. Krau to use the image as a projection of what he wants to accomplish.

Dr. Krau says that the key to a successful rhinoplasty is being able to do a good screening and deliver results very close to what we're seeing.

There are two ways in which rhinoplasty can be performed.

The open approach allows the surgeon to view the underlying nose structure.

The surgeon has the ability to modify the cartilage by adding or removing a graft, or by drape the skin over it. Many surgeons prefer this approach as it gives them the freedom to change the structures.

Dr. Krau has a unique point of view that does not correspond with the traditional preferences of some surgeons.

He believes that open rhinoplasty can help the surgeon, but it doesn't benefit the patient.

Patients don't complain about their bones. They complain of a lump on their nose.

We are not operating on the complaints that the patient has about his knee, we are operating on your grievances. This approach gives the surgeon more freedom, but what is done on the inside doesn't translate to what is seen outside.

In many cases, it is not necessary to open the nose in order to expose patients to more variables, according to Dr. Krau. He prefers the closed approach whenever possible.

The open approach may be used for larger noses or difficult cases, where more access to the nasal structures is needed.

An outpatient procedure called rhinoplasty is performed in a high-tech surgical center. You will be given anesthesia and sedation to make you comfortable during the procedure.

Dr. Krau will make the surgical incisions in the nostrils. The necessary modifications will be made through the incisions. This could include a blow to the bridge of the nose, honing the tip, or altering the bone and cartilage of the nose to make it look better.

When Dr. Krau is done, he will close the incisions and apply a bandage.

The effects of the anesthesia will wear off and you will rest in the recovery room. If you are not based in Miami, a close person will accompany you home or to a hotel to accommodate you with food, fluids, and medication.

The nose will be bruised and swollen. You may have a bruise on your eye. Most of the swelling and bruise will go away in a few weeks.

If you experience pain, you can take oral medications.

Do not engage in strenuous activities, which could increase the risk of bleeding. Short walks are good for circulation, but vigorous activities should be avoided.

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