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Hey How Would Any Body download or watch Udemy Kick & bass mixing in electronic music video tutorials for free?

Kick & bass mixing in electronic music,Udemy.

4 ☆ / 5

To download tutorial or watch: Kick & bass mixing in electronic music

Why this tutorial?

Udemy Kick & bass mixing in electronic music

Note: Go to pro-kick&bass sound in your music. Nikita Om is the instructor of this tutorials.

To download tutorial or watch: Kick & bass mixing in electronic music

Benefits from this tutorials

  1. Make a perfect mix of kick and bass in your tracks
  2. Use the most effective kick&bass mixing techniques
  3. Develop your signature kick&bass sound like a Pro

To download tutorial or watch: Kick & bass mixing in electronic music

Video Tutorial Details

Kick&bass — is a basis of ANY electronic dance track.
Need more reasons to learn how to make it professionally?

Powerful kick&bass will make 50% of your track. Bad kick&bass will ruin any track, doesn't matter how cool is the melody and design...

In this course you will learn all major skills for mixing kick&bass sounds for your dance track. All professionals use them on every track, so you should do that to achieve pro-sound.

You think, you know how to make kick&bass? Do you tune your kick to the tone of the track? Can you provide transparent and powerful kick&bass sound in a club, on home sound system and in headphones? Can you find the best kick&bass length for particular BPM?

If you are confusing with this questions — try this course. You will have better sound: more powerful, loud, clean and groovy.

Why you should look for this video:

  • Kick & Bass is a basis of any dance track
  • I give you direct experience as a music producer & trainer
  • You will have modern information on the topic

How much time you need to have results:

This is 110 min course. Spend 3-5 hours on practice and you will learn all professional skills for mixing kick&bass. Sure this techniques will be growing with you and it needs time for full understanding. But I can confidently say that right after you will start to use this tricks, your sound will become much better!

Who this course is for:

  • Electronic music sound producers who want to have great professional sounding tracks with killer bass-section

To download tutorial or watch: Kick & bass mixing in electronic music

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