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While its origins lie in the private sector, public and voluntary sector organisations can also benefit from using the Excellence Model. It is non-prescriptive and does not involve strictly following a set of rules or standards, but provides a broad and coherent set of assumptions about what is required for a good organisation and its management. Each organisation can use it in its own way to manage and develop improvement, under the control of those who use the methods rather than an external evaluator.

The Model starts with the following premise:

Customer Results, People Results and Society results are achieved through Leadership driving Policy and Strategy, People, Partnerships and Resources leading ultimately to excellence in Key Performance Results.

Figure 1: The Excellence Model Framework

There are nine ‘big ideas’ or criteria in the Model that underpin this premise and attempt to cover all an organisation’s activities. These nine ideas are separated into Enablers and Results. The Enabler criteria are concerned with how the organisation conducts itself, how it manages its staff and resources, how it plans its strategy and how it reviews and monitors key processes. They are:

The organisation’s Results are what it achieves. These encompass the level of satisfaction among the organisation’s employees and customers, its impact on the wider community and key performance indicators. They are:

Each of the nine criteria is subdivided to describe in more detail the concept of ‘Excellence’ in that area and to examine how well an organisation is doing through a list of practical questions to ask itself. The starting point for most organisations is to gather evidence relevant to the nine criteria of the Model. This involves asking, for each of the criteria, ‘How good are we and how could we improve?’ Evidence may take a variety of forms depending upon the organisation.

The National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) suggests that each organisation will need to find a method for using the framework that suits them best.

They give examples of:

Once this self assessment exercise has been initiated, the organisation can take action to improve its performance with help from the guidance contained in the Model’s relevant publications or further training in the area that needs improvement.

The British Quality Foundation (BQF) has also developed a software tool called ‘BQFsnapshot’ that will run on most Windows-based computers. It is intended to provide a quick and simple way of finding out how your organisation measures up to the characteristics of Excellence.

Although most organisations concentrate on improving their performance using the Model, it is possible to ‘score’ performance against the criteria, providing an internal benchmark of improvement over a period of time.

The European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) owns the intellectual property of the Excellence Model. It is a not-for-profit membership foundation based in Brussels and was set up in 1989 by the CEOs of large European businesses.

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what is efqm certification?


Cairns Vacate Clean

Address: 2/116 Anderson St, Manunda QLD 4870, Australia

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Could you suggest best cleaning services in Cairns, Australia?


The roman numeral MDCCLIII is 1753 and CDLXXXVI is 486

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Do you know the answer Oh hi Hey people What is mdccliii in roman numerals?


Well Sprint is now owned by T-Mobile, and T-Mobile's service is exceptionally good… I'd say the order goes Verizon, TMobile, and AT&T (AT&T can be terrible sometimes.. the internet may lag from network congestion, speeds are just okay). Verizon is very high quality but can be expensive. So that's why I think T-Mobile is the best.. the internet speeds are very fast and reliable, and now that T-Mobile bought Sprint, the company is now the same company but I think they will take time to transition.

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Are the products and services of the company of good quality?


  1. North Pontotoc wins 2019 MHSAA Class 3A Baseball Championship
  2. Smithville 4, Stringer 2
  3. New Hope 8, Sumrall 7
  4. DeSoto Central 3, St
  5. West Jones 10, Lafayette 1
  6. North Pontotoc 12, Magee 2
  7. Taylorsville 8, Calhoun City 1

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Would you suggest best high school baseball teams in Mississippi?


Look, smart devices like smartphones, smartwatches are made to be worked smartly Generally, it takes 3–4 hours for 100% charging 2 and half hours is enough for 80%

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How long do smartwatches take to charge?


In this tutorial, we'll learn everything about Python lists : creating lists , a list of programming languages [' Python ', 'C++', 'JavaScript']

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How to python make list from range (Python Programing Language)