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How do you email cnn?

Please use the form at the right or e-mail us at: . We invite you to visit our Help Page and see if you can find an answer to your question right away. Won't you join us in our Web Community to discuss issues in the news?

How to stop being ddosed on xbox?

4:49"DDoS attacks can be catastrophic, but the right knowledge and tactics can drastically improve your chances of" · Uploaded by A10 Networks

How to go barasat from howrah?

L238-Howrah to Barasat er fare chart. Local & Travel Website. কলিকাতার পুরাকথা. Personal Website. Bus Routes for Kolkata

Why do my earlobes swell when i wear earrings?

Allergic reactions, especially to certain kinds of jewelry, can cause one or both earlobes to swell. In most allergic reactions, the nickel in earrings can cause inflammation and swelling. Removing the earrings and choosing to wear those that don't contain nickel can help with any remaining symptoms.

When did fremont street get covered?

On September 7, 1994, a five-block section of Fremont Street was closed to automobile traffic for good, and groundbreaking was held on September 16. After that, ."History · Major features · Technical details · FSE casino/hotels

How to film skateboarding with gopro?

4:39"6:06"I personally love shooting with the poles. Especially lines because it enables me to stay upright.More

How are nuts so high in calories?

Nuts are high in calories. This is because a large part of them is fat, which is a concentrated source of energy. One gram of fat contains 9 calories, while one gram of carbs or protein contains just 4 calories. Nuts contain mostly unsaturated fat.

What is akshaya tritiya in malayalam?

അക്ഷയ തൃതീയ ആചാരത്തിന് പിന്നിലെ . No-Author | Samayam Malayalam | Updated: 11 Apr 2018, 02:57:00 PM .

What is km/h in running?

Average running speed in mph or km/h. Calculate your running speed in mph or km/h, pace calculator."Pace Calculator · HRmax · VO 2 max

Are there any php functions/libs/etc to detect if a user is behind a proxy or not in PHP Server Side Scripting Language?

Many legitimate users will come to you through proxies - are you sure you want to filter all of them out? For example:

  • ISPs that run caching proxies for all their users
  • People on corporate networks
  • >

    To answer your question, checking for the X-Forwarded-For or Via headers is probably your best bet.

    What is bochum mean?

    Bochum is a city in western Germany. The German Mining Museum chronicles Bochum’s history of mining and steel production. The museum's winding tower offers city views. The Bochum Art Museum exhibits Eastern European and modern art. Inside the landscaped Stadtpark, Tierpark und Fossilium is a zoo with a fossil collection. Nearby, the Zeiss Planetarium offers astronomy shows. ― Google

    Merge sort implementation to sort by string length - python in Python Programming Language?

    Don't name variables "list". That's the name of Python's array type, so using a variable by the same name is confusing.

    When you return from a conditional, you don't need to sitck the rest of the function in an else block.

    def mergesort(list):"    if len(list) < 2:"        return list"    middle = len(list) / 2"    left = mergesort(list[:middle])"    right = mergesort(list[middle:])"    return merge(left, right)

    Overall, it looks reasonable.

    Of course, for anything but an exercise, you should be using list.sort or sorted().

    a = ["abc", "de", "f", "ghijkl"]"print sorted(a, lambda a,b: cmp(len(a), len(b)))

    Where is the events tab on sims freeplay?

    How do I get onto the event screen, The Sims FreePlay Questions and answers, Android.

    How to use nojoom balance?

    How to redeem Nojoom Points?
    • 1 Choose your gift online.
    • 2 Enter a phone number.
    • 3 E-voucher sent. to selected number.
    • 4 Take voucher to partner. outlet and get your gift. Redeem Now.

    What is a miniature paintings?

    Miniature art includes paintings, engravings and sculptures that are very small; it has a long history that dates back to prehistory.

    Python iterators – how to dynamically assign within a new style class in Python Programming Language?

    What you're trying to do makes sense, but there's something evil going on inside Python here.

    class foo(object):"    c = 0"    def __init__(self):" = self.next2""    def __iter__(self):"        return self""    def next(self):"        if self.c == 5: raise StopIteration"        self.c += 1"        return 1""    def next2(self):"        if self.c == 5: raise StopIteration"        self.c += 1"        return 2""it = iter(foo())"# Outputs: print"# 2"print"# 1?!"for x in it:"    print x

    foo() is an iterator which modifies its next method on the fly--perfectly legal anywhere else in Python. The iterator we create, it, has the method we expect: is next2. When we use the iterator directly, by calling next(), we get 2. Yet, when we use it in a for loop, we get the original next, which we've clearly overwritten.

    I'm not familiar with Python internals, but it seems like an object's "next" method is being cached in tp_iternext (, and then it's not updated when the class is changed.

    This is definitely a Python bug. Maybe this is described in the generator PEPs, but it's not in the core Python documentation, and it's completely inconsistent with normal Python behavior.

    You could work around this by keeping the original next function, and wrapping it explicitly:

    class IteratorWrapper2(object):"    def __init__(self, otheriter):"        self.wrapped_iter_next ="    def __iter__(self):"        return self"    def next(self):"        return self.wrapped_iter_next()""for j in IteratorWrapper2(iter([1, 2, 3])):"    print j

    ... but that's obviously less efficient, and you should not have to do that.

    What is a internship programme?

    An internship is a period of work experience offered by an organization for a limited period of time. Once confined to medical graduates, internship is used for a wide range of placements in businesses, non-profit organizations and government agencies.

    When does lufkin start school?

    Wake County Public School System will provide a relevant and engaging education and will graduate students who are collaborative, creative, effective .

    How to obtain iqcs master record?

    Responder - I need a copy of my IQCS Master Record, how do I get this?

    Good python networking libraries for building a tcp server in Python Programming Language?

    I must agree that the documentation is a bit terse but the tutorial gets you up and running quickly.

    The event-based programming paradigm of Twisted and it's defereds might be a bit weird at the start (was for me) but it is worth the learning curve.

    You'll get up and running doing much more complex stuff more quickly than if you were to write your own framework and it would also mean one less thing to bug hunt as Twisted is very much production proven.

    I don't really know of another framework that can offer as much as Twisted can, so my vote would definitely go for Twisted even if the docs aren't for the faint of heart.

    I agree with Greg that SocketServer is a nice middle ground but depending on the target audience of your application and the design of it you might have some nice stuff to look forward to in Twisted (the PerspectiveBroker which is very useful comes to mind -

    Paste.httpserver and slowdown with http/1.1 keep-alive; tested with httperf and ab in Python Programming Language?

    After some effort, it seems to be either Nagle's algorithm or the delayed ACK, or the interactions between them. It goes away if I do something like

    server.socket.setsockopt(socket.IPPROTO_TCP, socket.TCP_NODELAY, 1)

    How did I track it down? First, I instrumented every 'recv' in, so I could figure out which recv was waiting. I would see about 5 recv's out of 11 had a delay of almost 200ms. I couldn't figure out why there was any delay. I then used Wireshark to watch the messages and noticed that the it was actually the send from the server to the client which had the delay. That meant something in the TCP layer in the outgoing messages from my client.

    A friend suggested the obvious, and I searched for "200ms socket delay" and found descriptions of this problem.

    The paste trac report is at along with a patch which enables TCP_NODELAY when the handler uses HTTP/1.1.

    Where is greenwood lake new york?

    The distance between New York and Greenwood Lake is 38 miles. The road distance is 50.3 miles.4 days ago

    What is t series net worth 2019?

    Well, T-Series reportedly has a net worth of Rs. 24 Arab (2400 Crores) as of July 2019.

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