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What’s more is that you can get your fill of several cuisines at very reasonable prices. So let’s find out what’s on offer. Here are 11 great places for an early morning breakfast in Mumbai!

Head over only if you’re an early riser (between 7 am and 8 am), as you will otherwise be kept waiting at least 30 minutes any day of the week. This iconic restaurant serves delicious South Indian favourites such as Upma (try it with podi), Idli (try it with rassam for a change) and Set Dosa (with a dollop of white butter) at very reasonable prices. End your meal with some sweet filter coffee. Walk out very happy.

Many residents complain that there’s not enough authentic Maharashtrian fare in Mumbai. Well, Mumbai no longer is the Maharashtrian city now, is it? But in Dadar, this surely doesn’t hold true. Look around and you’ll find plenty of small joints serving Kotimbir Vadi, Sabudana Vada, Puri Bhaji and Piyush. And the best place to get them all is Prakash, a stone’s throw away from Shiv Sena Bhavan.

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If you live in Mumbai long enough, you’ll notice signs that read ‘Gurukripa samosas’ all over town. The shop with the sign may be 20 kilometres away from the restaurant in Sion, but it’s famous all across the city. But samosas aren’t all they get right; they chole bhature and the lassi are also excellent. Like Madras Cafe, you’re likely to be kept waiting here as well.

Under a kilometre from Madras Cafe, in the largely Tamil Brahmin area of Matunga/King’s Circle is Mani’s. It’s a restaurant straight out of Chennai. Staunchly no-frills, they serve the most authentic version of the humble idli sambhar you’re likely to find in India’s wealthiest metro. If you have a bit of a sweet tooth, do also try their sheera (on Sunday’s, they do one with pieces of pineapple that is far superior).

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It’s got health home in the name, but most of the food here is fried and/or loaded with carbs. But who cares, right? The food is excellent. From piping hot vadas to puri bhaji, they’ve got all the Maharashtrian favourites. If you’re not into Maharashtrian food, they’ve got a Gujarati menu you may be interested in. Packed from opening time at 7 am, when senior citizens descend upon this place with their laughter and great conversation.

If you get here when it opens at 6 am, you’re sure to find a few bleary-eyed people partying since the previous night. They’re up for Ram Ashray’s delicious and crispy medhu vadas and melt-in-the-mouth puris. Get here even 30 minutes after opening time and you’re likely to be kept waiting (be sure to get some filter coffee while you’re outside). The food, like most places on this list, is cheap, fresh and scrumptious.

The restaurant that barely sleeps, here is where you should go if you’re in the mood for some kheema and bhurji at the crack of dawn. From the crack of dawn, they serve up some delicious non-vegetarian breakfast items (including a divine paya soup) with hot and crispy tandoori rotis. If you’re on holiday and living in the suburbs, a good idea would be to head here for breakfast before taking the train to South Mumbai.

Pricey, relative to the other places on this list, Leopold (or Leo’s) is among the most famous hangouts in Mumbai. The food isn’t spectacular, but you should go here for the relaxed vibe (you could even order a beer at 7,30 am, not that we recommend it, of course). Get the omelettes with cheese or chicken, cornflakes if you want to be healthy and some fruit juice.

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If you’re in the mood for a fancy breakfast early in the morning, head to Smokehouse Deli. Serving a typical deli menu all through the day, you can get your pancakes, waffles, omelettes, cereals or even French toast. While there are a few Smokehouse Deli locations in Mumbai, only the one in Bandra opens early at 7 am. They’ve got a beautiful outside seating area from where you can watch the suburb wake up. Service is excellent.

A Keralite restaurant in Mahim, Sneha serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. Dosas, appams, idlis, medhu vadas, puri bhaji are all available as early as 6 am. If you’re looking for something heavier, go for the egg roast with paratha. Service is quick and friendly at this no-frills restaurant. Finish off your meal with some banana fry and panpoli.

A Bandra icon, Goodluck has been around for several decades, serving kheema pav, eggs, bun maska and chai. The charming thing about this place is that it also houses a store with general provisions. And if you want them to cook something that is being sold at the store, go right ahead and ask them. You can buy your cornflakes and milk, and they’ll serve it to you. But the best thing to have here is the kheema pav.

Over a 100 years old, this Parsi cafe probably hasn’t changed much since it was started. The old-school decor, the waiters you know have been working there forever, the cacophony of the street, the extra buttery bread, the garish cakes in the shelves, they’re all part of the experience.

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Another 100-plus-year-old restaurant, Sassanian Boulangerie is less popular but the food is just as good. So if the wait is too long at Kayani, you can just take a 5-minute walk over to this joint. In addition to the eggs, kheema, brun or bun maska, you can also enjoy some delicious puffs.

Looking to see an old school Irani join, head over to Olympia Coffee House. While the coffee isn’t what we would recommend, you should have some of their biscuits with chai or some eggs and kheema with pav (the food is on the spicy side, so let them know if you need a milder version). They still serve the food in what must now be antique ceramic cups, saucers and plates. A treasure of Mumbai, located across the road from Leopold.

The Bagel Shop is the kind of place at which you order your breakfast and open a book. You end up sitting there for hours, drinking your coffee and enjoying the view.

In terms of food, of course, you should get a bagel, of which they have many types, along with eggs, sausages and maybe some fruit.

A fine-dining option in South Mumbai and Bandra, Saltwater Cafe is expectedly pricey. A breakfast for two is likely to set you back Rs. 2000, if you have coffee or juices. This is expensive, but on tasting your first order, you may be fine spending double that.

The French Toast is the best you’ll have ever tasted, the eggs are fluffy and the meats are premium. Do also order their bread basket, if you enjoy freshly baked goods.

Of their locations in Mumbai, Indigo Deli’s Bandra space is most luxurious. There are tables that seat nine. Even if you’re just having a romantic breakfast with your spouse, you could take one of these tables if you get here early. After all, chances are, you will need to lie down once you’re done with breakfast.

The best thing to have here is the Eggs Benedict (preferably with Salmon). If you’re vegetarian, go for their Couscous Upma. A great early morning breakfast in Mumbai.

Cafe Zoe is a great place to go for breakfast if you plan on shopping in the Lower Parel (the Palladium shopping mall in a few minutes away) area after. Not that it’s not worth making the trek for the food alone.

Their freshly baked breads are divine and they do eggs numerous ways, satisfying any craving you may have at the time. If you’re vegetarian, though, skip it for breakfast.

Are you living in Andheri and don’t want to make the trip to Bandra or South Mumbai? Here’s where you go for breakfast. Jamjar Diner (which now has a Bandra location too, by the way) can go toe to toe with the best of them, serving wonderfully fluffy eggs and deliciously buttery Brioche French Toast. Also, their Versova location is so cute you just may want to carry a camera along.

Even if you’re not hungry or aren’t the type who eats breakfast, you should visit Candies at least once on your trip.

Spread across three (very unusually designed) levels, they’ve got such a large selection of baked items (from patties to breads to muffins to cakes to croissants; you name it, they’ve got it). Not all of it will be available at 8:00 am, but the scrumptious chicken sandwiches will be.

Theobroma isn’t a breakfast place, exactly. It’s a dessert shop. They’ve got some of the best desserts in town (at their price point) and they’re available from the time they open. This means that you can have your omelette or pancake or sandwich or croissant with a slice of New York Cheesecake, a muffin or even some mousse. You take your pick.

If you’re up too early on your holiday or want to get an early start on purpose, you now know where to go. Even if your hotel is far away from any of these places, public and private transport in Mumbai is easily available, so getting there won’t be any trouble. Do let us know how you enjoyed the food.

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