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Amazon Pinpoint is an AWS service that you can use to engage with your customers across multiple messaging channels. You can use Amazon Pinpoint to send email,.

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Pinpoint email service?


Adelaide High School

Address: West Terrace, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia

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Do you know best high schools in inner west Adelaide, Australia?


A simplified definition of A/B testing is applicable to digital marketing.

A/B tests show two versions of the same website or email to a group of random users and measure which converts better. The original page is shown in version A while version B shows some changes. At the end of the study period, it will be determined which version converts better.

The number of users that visit the website in the study period is what determines the amount of time that an A/B test is needed. We need a certain number of people to visit both versions of the website in order to make conclusions.

If visits are not achieved organically for the A/B test, what should we do?

Depending on the type of study and product you are looking for.

When launching the A/B test, what happens if one of the two versions converts too little and the other one is much higher?

It's convenient to stop the A/B test after a few days so as not to waste time testing a version that doesn't convert. There are many reasons for an A/B test version to fail, from the web code to the large images that make it hard to load on mobile devices. There are a lot of factors that can be seen in these two examples.

The sample size of an A/B test depends on a number of factors.

How to calculate the number of users for a test?

The formula for calculating the sample size and how long an A/B test should last can be found in the Optimizely blog.

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What is mde in ab test?