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At 11:45 pm, there was a conversation.He, hey.Sorry for being late, but I am free.There was a lot of work to be done.

No, it's okay.

He said where were we?You told me that you have a crush on someone.

Yes I do.

Does he know what he is talking about?

She may be, or may not be.

Tell him clearly if there is any other girl.

Is it possible? She asked.

Anything is possible, that's what he said.

I'll let him know after a week that he's very busy.

He- hey no..I have been there for a week.

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What is the best romantic conversation you've ever written?


Pronunciation guide: Learn how to pronounce Anheuser - Busch in English, German, Dutch with native pronunciation Anheuser - Busch translation and audio

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How to pronounce anheuser-busch?


The framework for writingUI tests is provided by the Testing Support Library. The visible elements of the device can be interacted with by theUI Automator. We can use convenient descriptors to test the components.

The tests are run on devices using the 4.3 version of the OS.

The framework works with the test runner.

Setting up aUI automator.

Before we write tests we have to make sure our test source code and project dependencies are configured.

The dependency reference for theUI automator library is set in the build.gradle file of the app module.

There are dependencies. ... There is a test for automator.

Ensuring if the target app'sUI components are accessible is one of the things that can be done to improve the testing.

The device's interface is being inspected.

The first thing to do would be to inspect the components.

We can check the components for visible labels or content description values.

A tool calledUI automator viewer is used to do this.

The tool provides a visual interface and inspects the properties of components that are visible on the device. We can use the data given by the viewer tool to create tests.

There are steps to use a viewer.

$ui automatorviewer.

There are steps to view the application's properties.

Ensuring that the activity is accessible.

The test framework for theUI is better for the apps on the phone. There is no need for accessibility support when the elements of type view are used from the SDK.

Some apps won't provide accessibility support. If the app contains instances of a subclass of view which is not from the SDK, we can add accessibility features to these elements.

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How to download ui automator viewer?