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Enter the color code in either format, and the system will find a match immediately. You can turn RGB to hex color or vice versa. This is a no-brainer! If you want to do it manually to test your math skills, you will find the instructions below.

Enter the RGB value into the corresponding field to see the equivalent. For example, RGB(1,97,189) is #0161bd in hex. Using our converter is the easiest way to find color codes. You could also see them side by side in Photoshop or try the complicated manual calculation method.

Suppose you have RGB(201, 20, 60), which is a shade of red. The order of basic colors is red, green, and blue (as the acronym suggests). Note that if the figures are in the 0-1 range, they must be multiplied by 255 first.

To turn RGB color to hex, work with each of the three components separately. Divide the first figure by 16: 201/16 = 12 + 0.5625 (remainder). Multiply the remainder by 16 (0.5625*16 = 9). To identify the hex format of every digit, you need to refer to this chart, which is also used to convert hex color to RGB:

As you can see, 12 is C, while 9 is also 9. As a result, this color is expressed in hex as #C9 __.

Next, divide the second number by 16, too: 20/16 = 1 + 0.25. The remainder must also be multiplied by 16, which gives 4 (0.25*16). Now you know that the code looks like #C914__.

Repeat the same division and multiplication for the third value (60). In this example, 60/16 = 3 + 0.75, while the remainder multiplied by 16 gives 12. Thus, the full code is #C9143C. Fortunately, you do not have to perform these calculations every time. Just use our instant RGB to hex converter!

Enter the hex code in the corresponding field to see the matching RGB value (for example, #0161bd is RGB(1,97,189)). This is the easiest way to convert any shade from hex to RGB color. If you want to challenge yourself, here is the manual method:

Every two digits of the code represent one color, so you need to convert each element to decimal values. Refer to the chart above. Let’s see how you can turn hex code to RGB for the shade of red used in the previous example (#C9143C).

This simple tool for web professionals converts color codes between the systems instantly. It is free and accessible from any browser. Forget about manual calculations! On this page, you will convert color RGB to hex or vice versa to find the right code in a fraction of a second.

Conversion of hex colors to RGB is based on matches between systems expressing the same thing: proportions of red, green, and blue that form all colors on computer monitors, digital devices, games, and illuminated signs. There is no informational difference between RGB (red, green, and blue) and hex (hexadecimal code). The latter is, essentially, a shorthand for RGB values.

To translate hex to RGB, you need to understand their fundamental differences. While RGB uses sets of 3 numerical values from 0 to 255, hex is usually a 6-character sequence (numbers and letters). For example, #000000 (0,0,0 in RGB) is black, while #FFFFFF is white (255,255,255 in RGB). Either coding format shows combinations of three colors that form the entire visible spectrum.

So, why do users convert RGB to hex code? First, shorter identifiers are used by designers and developers to create websites in CSS and HTML. Software engineers also prefer them for simplicity — as every color is a single string, it is easier to copy and paste it out of a text document or chat. At the same time, you may need to turn color hex to RGB for specific tasks like adding opacity.

These formats should not be confused with CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black), which is used by different brick-and-mortar establishments like printers. For example, brochures and business cards are created using CMYK. Pantone colors are also primarily used in print.

As both codes define the same colors, the choice is a matter of personal preference. The key reason to convert RGB to hex is convenience. For a web designer, RGB identifiers are just too bulky, as they may contain from 3 to 9 digits in total. The main problem with these triplets is that they may confuse coders.

In hex, every value is compact and includes 6 characters. Brevity reduces the probability of error. Moreover, these codes can be reduced to 3 digits instead of 6! This happens when both values for each element are identical. For example, #AABBCC becomes #ABC. Other reasons to translate RGB to hex are:

You may wonder why designers use RGB to hex conversion at all. Sometimes, this other format is more preferable for specific tasks. For example:

An alpha channel provides opacity, so by using this hex converter to RGB, you can make the background in specific areas darker or brighter. The RGBA format includes the fourth value (Red, Green, Blue, and Alpha). Finally, RGB is recognized by Internet Explorer 9 and previous versions.

Using hex in web design is not an obligation. It is possible to code pages in HTML using RGB codes or even names of the colors. For example, if you had to code background in aquamarine, there would be three possible sequences:

Use our free tool to convert RGB color to hex and reduce the chance of errors in your project. If other coders decide to calculate RGB values manually, this may turn your work into an aesthetic disaster. You can also turn hex color to RGB if necessary.

The origins of the RGB coding are found in the 19th century, in the theory of trichromatic color vision. It was developed by Thomas Young in 1802 and Hermann von Helmholtz in the 1850s. According to the theory, the human eye includes three types of photoreceptors that react to light waves of different lengths. Today, they are referred to as cone cells.

James Maxwell, who proved the theory in 1857, added the color triangle. He also took the first permanent color photograph using red, green, and violet-blue filters. These early experiments included making separate takes with different color filters and projecting all of them on a screen.

In the first color TVs, color transmission was based on the use of a mechanical RGB wheel. This system was introduced by pioneer John Logie Baird in 1928.

Fast forward to the 1990s, and the NCSA Mosaic and Netscape Navigator became the first browsers to render RGB color. Back then, designers could only use 256 ‘web safe’ colors. In the early 2000s, this system was replaced by 24-bit True Color, which was succeeded by the 48-bit system we know today. It allows designers to create over 16 million colors. Use our color converter RGB to hex to find accurate code equivalents.

Essentially, yes. These are two different ways to express the same things. Both coding methods express a proportion between the red, green, and blue components of a color. Hex codes are shorter, so they are easier to use and share. Both conventions work with coding languages like CSS, but they also have specific applications, so you may need to convert RGB code to hex or back.

Use our free hex to RGB converter to find a color code match instantly. Manual conversion works both ways, but it is lengthy and unnecessary. You need to divide your available code into sets of digits and turn them into the decimal or hexadecimal format separately. The free tool on this page turns hex to RGB colors in an instant.

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