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The Macroeconomist Training Program (MTP) is an outreach initiative to young scholars and professionals to help them gain an understanding of how the IMF uses financial programming and other tools to analyze macroeconomic issues and provide policy recommendations.

Under this program, selected applicants are invited for a residential workshop* to join lectures by former IMF economists and undertake group work on a mock IMF-style country surveillance exercise.

Launched in August 2017, seventeen MTP sessions have been held for a total of 330 youths from 44 countries (as of March 2023). These courses have served as a launching pad to the full online courses offered by the IMF Institute for Capacity Development.

* During the COVID-19 pandemic, the courses were offered virtually.

The lectures will provide an overview of IMF economic surveillance, including the use of its financial programming tool. Students will discuss real country cases of bilateral surveillance and lending programs, and undertake their own analysis of a country case as a group, using the tools introduced in the course.

For the English course: Students studying in Japan on Master’s/ PhD degree programs in macroeconomics, international finance, development economics, and other related fields. Young professionals and undergraduate students can also apply.

For the Japanese course: Undergraduate students studying in Japan in macroeconomics, international finance, development economics, and other related fields. Students pursuing a master’s degree and young professionals may also apply.

A Certificate of Participation will be granted to participants who complete this workshop.

English course

Jerry Schiff (PhD) Dr. Schiff currently teaches at George Washington University. Previously, he was Deputy Director of the Asia and Pacific Department of the IMF. He held a number of senior positions at the IMF. He is also a visiting professor at the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Public Policy.

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How to become an economist in imf?


Woburn Safari Park was first opened in 1970, established by the 13th Duke of Bedford and Jimmy Chipperfield on the grounds of his estate, Woburn Abbey This was

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When does woburn safari park open?


Russia and its empire was ruled in 1914 by A Alexander I B Alexander II C Nicholas i D Nicholas II Open in App Open_in_app Solution

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Who ruled russia and its empire in 1914?